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If you have had to take the methotrexate shot to help with an ectopic pregnancy, make sure to talk with your doctor to make sure that you are doing all the things that you need to do to make sure that you can have a healthy pregnancy later on. May women worry about how methotrexate will affect their future fertility, and if they will still be able to get pregnant after needing to use the drug.
It also takes a few months for the body to be able to absorb folic acid again, so keep that in mind as well. IVF Financial AssistancePregnant after IVF: IVF PregnancyWill Dysplasia of the Cervix Keep me from Getting Pregnant?
The drug is given by injection, and a woman’s HCG levels will begin to drop after the injection, signaling that the pregnancy is ending.

Most doctors recommend that women wait a few months after receiving the shot so that their bodies will be able to return to normal again. However, most women do not have trouble getting pregnant after methotrexate, especially when they give their bodies enough time to heal.
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In between keeping up with a busy toddler, she enjoys blogging about parenting, cooking, crafting at The Accidental Wallflower. It’s very important for women to track their ovulation cycles so that they know when they are fertile and they can have the best chance of getting pregnant.

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