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Nothing to sneeze at: find out how to avoid illness With Winter just around the corner, getting sick becomes a harsh reality.
Clutter is hard to get rid of when there’s just so much of it or bits of clutter in every room. Speaking of baby steps, it might be easier for you to declutter if you only have to get rid of one thing at a time.
Another mantra to keep in mind, this one reminds us that not all flat surfaces are the right spot for your stuff.
Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, offers this strange but effective tactic: Say goodbye and thank you to items that you need to let go of. The rule: Whenever you bring in a new item, you have to find a new home for two other items.
Lifehacker’s Weekend Roundup gathers our best guides, explainers, and other posts on a certain subject so you can tackle big projects with ease. For some of us, the modern workplace is like a second home, where most of our waking hours are spent. Motivation can be tricky, but studies show that there's one important factor that can be hugely effective in cultivating it. The black-and-white balance on your debt's account page isn't a very psychologically soothing image. Although drinking plenty of fluids is a key strategy to fighting illness once you’re actually sick, staying hydrated may actually help you prevent illness as well. This product image provided by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles shows the Uconnect 8.4 inch infotainment system on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited. One way millennials are influencing automakers is with their demand for more technology, such as smartphone-based infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay.
The Ajusto wireless device from Desjardins Insurance is installed into a vehicle’s diagnostic port and measures distance travelled annually, frequency of hard braking and acceleration, as well as time of day the vehicle is driven to determine savings on insurance rates. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. We’ve had nothing but Sunshine in Australia, so who wants to face the heavy coats and the downright nasty winter weather. Clutter can creep up on us, it drains us mentally even if we’re not directly thinking about the clutter, and it wastes our time and money. Sometimes sentimentality is the root of a lot of clutter, so think utility first and ditch the guilt.

The broken window theory, which says that just one broken window can lead to vandalism, applies to clutter too: just one piece of junk mail on the table or towel on the floor could soon become piles of clutter. Maybe keeping those areas clean for a while will inspire you to keep clutter away in the rest of your place for good. Whether you have a cushy office job or a physically demanding one, the more time you spend at work, the more likely it becomes that you may succumb to an unexpected workplace accident or medical emergency. Harman International, the company that makes car radios that friendly hackers exploited to take control of a Jeep Cherokee on Tuesday, Aug. The modern car has as many as 100 microcomputers, many of them connected to the outside world by some means of electronic communication. If being connected is a big part of your daily drive, buy a car with the latest Apple CarPlay or Android Auto systems. For God’s sake, don’t buy into one of those insurance programs that promises to lower your premium based on how safely you drive. The reality is that cold and flu viruses circulate year-round and getting caught with a flu can be a major buzz-kill.
However, just by having a plan with small steps you can do each day, such as this eight-week guide, you can stay motivated and trick yourself into thinking this is doable. Thank your old coat for keeping you warm, your kids’ stuffed animals they no longer play with for bringing them joy, and your collection of duplicate computer cables for connecting your stuff once upon a time. As psychologist and author Angela Duckworth explains, this is why it's important to offer people choices when you're trying to motivate them. Water transports nutrients to cells and flushes out toxins, so do yourself a favor and get hydrated. No, not because they are electric or reduce emissions, but because Tesla and GM reward “white hat” hackers showing them their products’ vulnerabilities. I doubt if anyone rich enough to afford a Mercedes-Benz is going to take this advice, but expensive cars have more computers and connectivity features than the cars we peons drive.
Samsung’s ConnectAuto promises to let business owners monitor their fleet of vehicles via a Wi-Fi-enabled OBD dongle. Thankfully, AskMen has put together a list of level-headed tips to keep you from getting a man-flu. Nonetheless, it turns out the simplest hack in the automotive world is still just breaking into your car to steal all your goodies. Virtually every cyber-security expert we’ve spoken with says rewarding the discovery of software vulnerabilities is the number one defense against malicious hacking.

That just means there’s more ways into your car’s neurosystem and more things to play with once a “black hat” is in there. The on-board diagnostic system is your car’s built-in link to the outside world, the portal through which all repairs, mechanical or otherwise, are diagnosed. Other future uses for these devices may be to allow crypto “repo” men “bricking” a car for missed loan payments or even “teaching” fleets to drive more economically. Ironically, part of the fix for Wired magazine’s famed Jeep hack was a USB-installed “patch” sent via the post. Indeed, it is our very insistence on being permanently connected that makes our cars such a rich “attack surface” environment.
More importantly, if your car has push-button start, it also fools the security system into thinking the immobilizer is nearby.
GM launched its “bug bounty” program in January and Tesla solved a hack last year with a simple over-the-air update.
All cars have a port that allows technicians to access all the relevant computers controlling your car. Security experts have long cautioned against plugging in USBs received via (easily-compromised) snail mail, so why FCA decided to fix one security glitch with another vulnerability is mystifying. What’s ironic is that the best way to thwart these high-tech exploits involves some decidedly old school guardians as well as some that sound just plain cockamamie.
There’s all manner of ways to do it, but the one thing in common is that they all require you to lock your vehicle remotely and then walk away from the vehicle. The simplest solution, therefore, is to forego the key fob and use the central door lock button to close up shop.
This subterfuge requires access to your car, but once in the potential for damage is pretty much limitless.
Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use a keyless system to enter your car; you’ll be driving away from the threat. So the OBD lock also promises privacy, something you might find important if you get in a collision and someone tries to access your car’s accident data without your permission.

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