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The chances of getting pregnant after using an IUD are very slight, but it does happen and can be very dangerous.
A recent study was carried out among women who got IUD pregnant and it was found out that a whopping fifty-six percent of the total women delivered their baby prematurely. The way that the Paraguard (copper) IUD works is that the copper makes the environment inhospitable to sperm, so that women do not get pregnant.
Once you have decided to remove your copper IUD, you are probably curious to know how long it will take for you to get pregnant. Of course, you can start having sex and trying to get pregnant right away, but you will have the best chance of getting pregnant if you track your cycles and know when you are ovulating.
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The way that the Paragard (copper) IUD works is that the copper makes the environment inhospitable to sperm, so that women do not get pregnant. Therefore, once the IUD is removed, it is possible to get pregnant immediately, since there is no waiting for hormones to leave the system. It is also a good idea to wait for your first period to return before trying to conceive after having your copper IUD removed, but this is not required.
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In sixteen percent of these women, it was found that a miscarriage occurred after the first trimester.
However, things can get tough if you wait for the pregnancy to advance because the IUD will retract further into the uterus. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! Once your copper IUD is removed, all you will have to do is figure out when you are ovulating in order for the best chance of getting pregnant.
Also, you might want to start taking a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin in order to boost your fertility when you are trying to conceive after copper IUD.
There are chances of complications such as miscarriage upon removing an IUD in the later stages of pregnancy.
However, there are very rare cases in which pregnancy has been reported despite the use of IUD. In this condition what happens is, the placenta and the uterus separate while the baby is still within the womb. Five percent of the total IUD pregnancies were ectopic pregnancies, which means that the baby was implanted outside the uterus instead of the lining of the uterus. What happens is, if the IUD is still inside the uterus after pregnancy, the baby will be exposed to this synthetic hormone, which can be dangerous.
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This is the reason why you should be well informed about the risks associated with an IUD pregnancy and how to avoid them. The study also showed that the percentage of miscarriages was lesser when the IUD was removed immediately after the pregnancy was confirmed. While it has not been proven that it is dangerous to the baby, you should not take such risks. Before going for IUD, you should consider the risks of getting pregnant even though you use it.
Thus, if you find out that you are pregnant despite having an IUD, it’d be ideal to rush to the doctor before it is too late so that he removes the IUD and so that your pregnancy is normal.
You should also consider what complications might arise if you get pregnant so that if that situation does arise, you are prepared for it. Uterine infections are actually more common in those who have IUDs inserted in their uterus. It can safely be said that women who get pregnant with IUD are at a great risk of many complications.

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