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Getting pregnant with PCOS is possible, even it is true that women with PCOS are more difficult tobecome pregnant. Understand of PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility in women in addition to an increased risk of miscarriage. There are many small abnormal growths (fluid-filled sacs) in their ovaries of Women with PCOS that stop the ovaries from working normally.

The woman’s fertility is affected by the hormonal imbalance; PCOS is interfering with endocrine production and ovulation. PCOS also associated with many irregularities, such as insulin levels, elevated male hormone levels, and blood sugar levels.
Even though there are a lot of researches about the cause of PCOS, but it is still unknown.

Include frequent periods, amenorrhea (no period), and abnormal hemorrhage, unusual production of male hormone testerone (e.g.

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