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I see cloth diapers in your photo–we decided to rent our newborn diapers using Itsy Bitsy Bums.
I personally recommend borrowing a lot of things from friends, even temporarily, to find out what works for your baby, then you can buy whatever you like. One more piece of advice I will pass on from my Mom, who had five kids, is to only buy the essential until your baby is born, because a lot of times what works for someone else’s baby is not going to work for yours.
I have an almost six-month-old and my word of advice would be to borrow as much of the big stuff as you can! The things all my babies loved were a vibrating seat, swing and what they used to call a Johnny Jump up. My daughter just had a baby, and her favorite things so far are~A battery operated bouncing seat! High chairs really depend on your style and if you want a chair in your dining room, or if you don’t mind a baby chair strapped to one of your dining seats.
We skipped the infant carrier seats and went straight to a convertible car seat (MyRide 65 by Graco 5-65lbs).
Its been 3yrs since I’ve had a little one-and I am amazing out all the new fancy stuff thats out there.
Oh and dont even think about getting your shower or your teeth brushed for the first 2 months!
Our changing table is only as long as the curved pad that goes inside and I wish now that it had an extra ledge on the end, as my baby is long enough to kick the wipes by her feet. I borrowed (or bought 2nd hand) swings, playmats, etc that the kiddos grow out of really quickly. The best advice I got regarding gear was to forget about the ugly space-consuming high chair, and as previous commenters have mentioned, go with a booster seat that straps to a dining chair.
The splurge that I don’t regret at all was the higher-end (but not too high-end) stylish, well-built crib.
When you have a newborn, sleep is one the most delicious yet elusive things that you want and need. However, you personally haven’t spent a dime on anything for baby—except for furniture and baby’s car seat—because you were holding off for your shower to see what you’d receive from family and friends.
Now you are in the last days before giving birth and you just realized you don’t have what you actually NEED for baby’s first week home. Emery Board -If the thought of clipping your newborn’s nails makes you nervous, experienced moms suggest filing the nails down, rounding any sharp edges, using a simple emery board. Swaddling Blanket – Swaddling is so beneficial–at least it has been in my home! Lansinoh Lanolin Cream – Great for breastfeeding mamas, apply lanolin after each feeding to soothe sore, dry, and cracked nipples. Nursing Pads – Breasts that leak, drip, or even spray milk in the first weeks are common.
For moms who plan to formula feed, a few simple swaps will help you get pretty close to your budget mark. Regardless of whether you bottle feed or breastfeed, if you’re hoping to keep your first week budget for baby at about a $100, it is feasible.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign on BabyCenter for Pampers and Walmart. All opinions are truthful and my own. The holiday season is in full swing, which means houses are decorated, lights are hung throughout the home, and little ones are getting very excited. Talk about tons of fun — especially if you are like me and celebrating a first Christmas with a newborn. Well, this year, I went straight to the source for some major holiday photo inspiration — Pinterest! All you need is some garland, a Santa hat, and a cute baby in a basket to make this photo come to life!
Turn down the lights and let your little one explore the lights while you snap a few photos. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. One Size fits surprising well – I have a petite 17 mth old and these brands fit well. That is more my style, then a wrap – it has been indispensable for hiking and dog walking. My daughter lived in it her first 6 months, and then I switched to the Ergo (much better easier with bigger babies, but not so good for small babies unless you buy the insert).
Everyone I knew had huge stroller, but we live in a small apartment with stairs (no elevator) and no storage. Example, we bought a baby swing because everyone told us it is amazing – our daughter hated it. Easy to take around the house when I need to set her down for a minute (umm to go to the bathroom!). Also good to have if you don’t want to bring the whole bag in (like the grocery store). First, for getting around town when it’s a little bigger (6mos+) I recommend a Maclaren.
One of my girls LOVED the bouncy seat (still does 9mos later) and the other was a swing girl. I didn’t want to take up 2 of my dining chairs for the baby boosters, so I have 2 full high chairs.
I want to buy it and im not dating, let alone married or anticpiating a critter any time soon. Sounds like people have some great advice and remember too that every baby is different; ours was not into the swing or the bouncy chair but some babies LOVE them! Now you’re sitting in your home surrounded by the cutest newborn outfits, stuffed animals, board books and rubber giraffes you’ve ever seen. Here’s a sample of some of the key things a mom who plans to breastfeed can get at Walmart for baby’s first week home for under $100. Though most experts suggest that if you’re breastfeeding, you may want to hold off on the pacifier for at least a few weeks. This portable changing pad meant I didn’t have to get up every hour to take my baby to the changing table.

This is, of course, with an understanding that some of those bigger ticket items and safety necessities are covered.
Of course the holidays wouldn’t be complete without all of those in front of the Christmas tree photos.
I am sure you will be ready to grab your camera and your littles after browsing these adorable ways to capture the holidays. Round up your brood and create a hot cocoa station to create the perfect holiday photo and a memory to look back on. Use minimal accessories with monochromatic coloring to showcase your little one’s sweet face.
Also, for a space saver my husband and I purchased a Graco swing (although maybe you are considering the Mama-roo instead?) that has a removable bouncy-seat.
I ended up going with a Britax Roundabout 55 car seat rather than an infant seat, Inglesina Zippy stroller, and the ErgoBaby carrier with the infant insert. Bouncy’s are cheap enough to get and see if he likes and resell, but swings can get expensive.
Then there are the items you registered for that you’re super excited about but you know you won’t be using for a few months: the Bumbo, a high chair, and a Baby Einstein Jumper.
You already know that it’s not cheap having a baby, but you are crazy thrifty and can’t stomach spending more than a C-note. But this year, why not change it up by incorporating a few easy props you can find around your own home? Along with planning the nursery (Still in the really early stages and not sure exactly what I want to do) we need to register this week. My son is now 4.5 months and we have used both of these items OFTEN, and I have loved not needing the space to put both of them! For diapers, I switch between KangaCare Rumparoos which you can beat up and wash regularly (none of this Charlies Soap business) and they are super soft and wonderful and regular old Pampers swaddlers (Huggies didn’t fit on my narrow baby).
Love this, still keep mine in the trunk of my car even though E is definitely big enough to use the MacLaren. Then a jogging stroller for when you’re going on jogs or longer walks and he is smaller (you can recline the seats all the way) BOBs are great, but extremely pricey. And well, all of my littles! Lucky for you, I am saving you some time and sharing the ones that really are worth trying with your baby. Many of the infant products (swing, bouncy chair, etc) are only used for a short time so if you can borrow from friends that could be really helpful (both for the wallet and your closet space!). Also, you could hold off on some items until further down the road if you want your space for as long as possible. Highchair probably won’t be of use until 3-4 months, and an exersaucer, in my experience, is useless until probably at least 5 months. We purchased our crib from pottery ran kids with our first and a plastic hook broke off when we put it together for our third.

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