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But in this video I talk about some things that have happened to me since I started doing the series, and why I started doing this whole thing in the first place! By the time I record the video, edit the video, post the video, do all the YouTube stuff, link everything that needs linking and then write the damn blog post to promote the video…I feel a tad spent.
Here’s to trying to make it another day without a complete and total mental breakdown! I was ready to give up on a little side gig that I have been pouring my heart into day after day. And so, so, so, so happy for you (and so, so, so bummed that I was out of town for the flamingo fest).

This is PART 7 in my How to Be Awesome series, and I love it: If You Want to See Different Results Do Things Differently! Basically I come to many life conclusions and the purpose of my existence, so I mean, it’s good stuff.
I haven’t seen the explosion in engagement or excitement from others that I had hoped for so I was really considering calling it quits.
Because I am 43 I sometimes think , what`s the point, but if your dad can do these things maybe I should kick my own butt and get the etsy shop going. Thank you all so much for your insightful and thoughtful comments on my last post (about blogging in general).

Your pep talks are making me reconsider how I have felt about myself and how I have been holding back. I didn’t get a chance to respond to as many comments as I like to, but I wanted you to know I loved and read, and re-read them all.

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