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Bald Faced Hornets become active each year in the early spring (March-April) when the fertile Queen comes out of her underground winter den and begins to forage on flies and other insects, including smaller wasps and bees, while she scouts for a nesting site for the coming year. Conservation of the Bald Faced Hornet though-out the North Shore area is an important part of improving the sustainability of our community within its awesome natural environment and reducing our dependence on chemicals, and pesticides to control the population levels of unwanted species of insects. KellySD wrote: That's what I feel like doing!!!My son and dad are gonna go around looking for a nest. I just realized that I don't even know what a wasp is, so I Googled and realized they look like bees. When I got home from work they were in the street in front of a neighbors house a few doors away.
Dana278 wrote:I just realized that I don't even know what a wasp is, so I Googled and realized they look like bees.
We've had a wasp problem and everyone keeps telling me "if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone" but those fuckers come at me hard. Coincidentally they were at the exact point where my neighbors landscapers park their truck. I'm glad I don't have a dog anymore because that'd be one more thing I'd have to worry about while she's out in the yard. If they were in front of my house (even in the street where it's not technically my property) I definitely would've paid someone to come out right away. The new colony will typically build up its population, through the Spring and Summer months (May-Sept), to an average number of 700 members.
The importance of the Bald Faced Hornet to our local ecosystems is that of an Apex species, one that helps to control the population levels of the other, less powerful species. Bald Faced Hornets build an aerial type nest similar to many other members of the Yellow Jacket Wasp family, using chewed wood fibers and saliva liquids to form both the honey-comb shaped brood chambers and the outer paper-like protective cover.
100) and is generally active for a short period in the late Summer when the prey insect populations are at their highest levels. Just wait until sundown before you go on a killing spree and try and take care of it before it gets too hot.  If all this fails, you can call someone like Terminex and they know where to look for the source of the problem.  Good luck!

He was leaving to go to his girlfriend's house and a wasp got between his foot and flip flop and got him. They moved in a pack to the curb area, then back to the street, and then when I took this picture they were back on the curb.
Whenever these guys come they make a mess of leaves and rocks in the street when loading their truck and the bees were right there where the mess was. Shows you how stupid my neighbor is, he DOES have a dog and I know it's outside a lot because I hear it yapping.
He wouldn't stay still long enough to get a great shot but I've been told they're Paper Wasps. My son said there's definitely a nest in the drain under the driveway but he hasn't sprayed it down yet (he's been gone all weekend and didn't want to spray it until his foot was healed and he knew he could run). Bald Faced Hornets generally select locations in trees to build their nests, at higher elevations than most other Yellow Jacket Wasp types, and often are not discovered until the leaves fall from the tree in the Autumn. This small mimic of the Bald Faced Hornet appears to be taking advantage of the fierce reputation of its larger relative to go about its life-cycle unmolested by it’s more numerous yellow cousins. We had wasps last year building a huge nest under wooden flooring of our balcony, but they were quite chill, even leaving our cat alone who was really interested in them. I think someone came and poured something on them shortly before I took this picture, because they were buzzing but they weren't flying in the air like they were earlier in the afternoon. They aren't in front of my house, they are a few doors down right on the property line between my next door neighbor and his other neighbor. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but when I mentioned this to him and he was all "oh, I think they would've told me." No they wouldn't, you idiot. I've only seen 3 of them today and was able to go outside without being attacked, but it was also raining really hard today. Another imitator of the Bald Faced Hornet is the Parasitic Wasp (Dolichovespula adulterina) which does not build its own nest but enters the nest of a Yellow Jacket colony and kills off the existing queen and replaces her, so occasionally both a black and white colored, and a yellow colored Yellow Jacket Wasp type may be seen in the same colony. They're in our yard and will fly into our cars, attack us on the front porch, and despite covering everything outside in insecticide, they kept coming back.

I'll kindly (well probably not so kindly) remind him of how they conveniently wound up there right after his landscapers came if anything more happens.
Hell most of the time I DO do it for everyone on the street but I'm drawing the line at paying money for it. Everyone ignored the problem and I was the one trying to get my neighborhood HOA to take care of it because it was in the street.
It started earlier this week when they were getting in between our glass door and hardwood door. Maybe look up which type of wasp is common where you live and find out where they build their nests and go from there. I stood outside for a few hours watching them to make sure the area wasn't getting bigger, and I had to stop two people from walking their dogs into it. My pregnant niece came over to show us ultrasound photos on Wednesday (it's a girl!) and 2 attacked her as she was getting out of her car! I was woken up this morning to a few of them outside my bedroom window banging themselves against the window trying to get in!Last year we tried that wasp trap that was all over the internet that you can make with a drink bottle.
We don't see any nests anywhere, so we're pretty much assuming the nests are being built inside any holes in the exterior of our house, which we've already sprayed with wasp killer and it's not helping! We can't enjoy the outdoors without it turning into a running and screaming in terror battle with these little assholes! I was going to take a photo of the ones in the kitchen window, but they're gone now and I hope that means they found their way back outside and that they aren't somewhere in the house now.

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