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My friend said to me, "You know he has gaps in his brain right now, right?" I looked at her quizzically. There have been several studies that used medical imaging to visualize the brains of teenagers in an effort to define what is normal and what is not.
Gaps or difference or whatever you want to call them are no excuse to stop encouraging - even insisting - on correct behavior.
Illinois and Wisconsin are currently overrun with pregnant teenage boys, thanks to the Chicago Department of Public Health.
AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. Parents are often astonished when their “tweener” grows a foot taller and becomes uncommunicative and sometimes explosive. The first thing parents need to understand is that this is a natural phase boys go through during their development to adulthood.  The mix of testosterone flowing through their system and a natural need to separate from their parents creates an interesting, yet volatile, mix. The stereotypical teenage boy is seen as a rebellious, wild teen that is continually at odds with his parents. Parents need to step back and understand that teenagers (boys and girls) need to develop and create their own life.
Teenage boys need a good adult man to be a role model.  There are many studies on the detriment to boys due to the lack of a father in a boy’s life. Be okay with boys pushing and shoving.  Dads, let your son physically challenge you to wrestling, basketball, mountain biking, etc. Sitting in a chair is a challenge for many boys.  There is a story of a rabbi that taught his male student the Talmud by reciting the verses while taking him on a jog. Despite the often lack of communication skills, teenage boys can send out a barrage of nasty words in a parent’s direction. Keep in mind a hearty laugh can be an appropriate response to a teenager’s automatic response to a parent’s request. Parents and teenage boys will butt heads.  It is important to differentiate between critical issues and minor issues.
Without this sure knowledge of what to expect, they can be insecure and will keep testing you to find where the real boundaries are located in their world. For some parents it might be difficult to accept the concept of privacy for their children because they feel that anything their kids do is their business.
What this means is that your teenager’s room, texts, e-mails, and phone calls should be private.
Naturally, for safety reasons, you should always know where teens are going, when they will be returning, what they are doing, and with whom.  Keep it general- you do not need to know every detail of their activity. By definition, the teenage years are only seven years long, between 13 and 19.  As a parent you survived an infant screaming through the night, the terrible twos, potty training, kindergarten and another seven or so years of typical childhood trials and tribulations. As political, social and religious wars rage around the world and we hear of the bloodshed of children, the most innocent among us, most other topics seem petty to discuss.

I wanted to let you know I'll be taking a short leave from writing articles for Kid Focused while I work on a clean, kid friendly, novel. As we sat around the campfire last weekend I pulled out an old Girl Scout goody for the 11 kids in our party.
Over the counter "Swimmer's Ear" drops contain alcohol. The prescription is an antibiotic and does not contain alcohol.
Her children are older than ours, and I've long thought that if my kids turn out half as good as hers, I'd be a content parent. Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around.
Although teenage boys have their emotional ups and downs, they also have a sensible and sensitive side. Do you listen to your children when they are expressing their thoughts and opinions?  Do you allow them to have different thoughts and opinions from yours?  You need to consider their thoughts and opinions as you would with any other adult. Participation in a sport or other physical activity will let them expend testosterone and socialize. Don’t just “let them win,” but instead match their ability.  Continuous defeat will be discouraging. Communication between parents will help create a safe environment for the teenagers.  Parents can help each other keep track of their teenager’s activities, without making the kids feel like little children by personally directing their activities. Let them know their negative response does not always need a serious and dramatic reply.  Sometime a good tickle and a smile will help quell bad feelings.
Get their perspective before things move to the next level.  You may want them to wear different clothes. Teens will be able to have a more elaborate argument when there is resistance.  Underneath the resistance is an understanding if the expectations are logical. Open up a dialogue and get their feedback on setting parameters on school grades, behavior, chores, etc.  When they help set the rules, they are more apt to follow them. However, to help your teenage boy become a young adult, it is critical to grant some privacy. He is a business consultant and personal coach with 20 years of experience helping people change and reach their success.
A former professional athlete turned coach, now father of two, was in my town last week on one stop of a national lecture tourWhat our puppy has taught the kids about parentingWhen I was 6-years-old my parents told my three sisters and me we were adopting a baby boy.
A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the couple swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach. During our conversations, I made the comment that my teenage son suddenly seemed incapable of basic things he was able to do before, like picking up his dirty socks and other simple tasks.
The CDPH's Office of Adolescent and School Health has rolled out a new teen-pregnancy prevention campaign that features pictures of pregnant teenage boys, and the accompanying text reads "Unexpected? A boy that was usually conforming to his parents’ desires will suddenly assert himself and express his opinions.

Women need to realize that they are wasting their emotional energy trying to explain things in detail. It’s not personal, it’s just hormones.  Come on moms, you know you can relate to that situation. Be open to the fact that they have their own reasons to wear something different.  If your position is important, stand your ground after you hear them out.
Minor issues are ones that will pose a temporary setback.  Be firm on the critical issues and flexible on the minor issues.
Without reasonable expectations, your teenage boy might feel he is on his own or you do not care as a parent. If there are critical warning signs of trouble, then it is acceptable to invade your child’s privacy. For social sites like Facebook, require your son to put you on their friend list.  This allows parent to see in general what they are posting and saying to others. If the trust gets broken, make sure he understands that he will be allowed fewer freedoms until he earns the trust back. When I got off the school bus the day of our much-anticipated special delivery my mom was there to greet us.
Our current society is set up much differently from most of human history.  However, this programming still exists. Think of puppies or bear cubs for young male animals- play fighting is a major part of their development. Share family values with your teenage boy and talk about what you believe is right and wrong. You might cringe what you hear teenage boys laugh about.  Give them a quick reminder on appropriateness and move on.
Your teenage boy should not be treated as a child.  Instead, become his mentor to adulthood.
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