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Perusing the KidsCount Databook, I wanted to focus my research on something relatively applicable to my life. As a twenty-year-old college student, I've tried hard not to fall into the apathetic stereotype inherent to my age group.
Having just recently beaten teen pregnancy (I'm now 20), I saw the KidsCount statistics on the subject and was struck by the relatively high instances of teen births in the U.S. Since I've got a voice in my throat and a brain in my head, I like to think I've an obligation to use both to do good things--to make a difference. Though the construction of an infographic may not be the greatest of deeds, I hope my data representation will make its viewers think about the outcomes of teen pregnancy.

Upon further research, I noticed that the number of teen births are on a decline over the past ten years, but in 2009 there were still about 409,802 too many.
I understand that a pregnancy and subsequent at this point in my life (or earlier--the age group to which the data applies) would really derail my life plans and would adversely affect the life of my child. I am a strong believer in real, comprehensive sex ed, covering more than the (mostly) "abstinence-only" curriculum I was exposed to in high school. Therefore, I've taken the opportunity to educate myself and have tried to organize that research into something a little more tangible for a casual audience. Though my infographic doesn't overtly state a "call to action," I do believe its statistics speak for themselves.

I've shown some of the unfortunate effects of teen pregnancy and childrearing (both affecting the parents and children), and I'm relying on the audience and interpreters (i.e.
I went with a simplistic color scheme and downward-weaving path of reading, which I think helps get the information across.
There are really only 11 statistics on the page, but they're important statistics, and I've tried to highlight them with visual and rhetorical complements.

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