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November 18, 2011 by Maryea 17 Comments I distinctly remember back in the summer months wishing the weeks of my pregnancy away. In true pregnant woman fashion, I simultaneously am so very excited to finally meet this baby and not be pregnant anymore.
I hope to report back next time with a more exercise-filled week and my usual upbeat attitude to go with it! I hope you get over the sickness and are able to enjoy the last few weeks of having baby bean inside. Sometimes it’s better to just not know, then you can just listen to your body and eat intuitively without a thought of how much you weigh. The Lungs are currently filled with fluid which will be eliminated when your baby takes its first breath. In these final weeks of pregnancy you will probably find yourself analyzing every ache and twinge thinking that it's the onset of labor.
A premature birth refers to both the time of birth (before 37 weeks) and how well prepared your baby is for life outside the uterus. Information on this site is not intended as medical advice, always consult a licensed health care professional. 60%Contractions60% of women experience contractions as a symptom during week 39 of pregnancy. Remember it is normal to be a little uneasy about your forthcoming labor, especially if it is your first. Cravings: Still mostly salty, savory foods, especially those addicting peanut butter filled pretzels!
Workouts: I’m still doing CrossFit four days a week, but definitely modifying a lot more exercises to keep my sciatica at bay and also because of the discomfort of the baby being so low.

Your concern is normal but remember that most aches and pains are due to stretching ligaments or constipation rather than labor.
It is best to share your fears with your partner or family, particularly your mom, sister, or friends that have been through a child birth. However, I have been craving banana nut bars, so Keenan and I made a batch today with cream cheese frosting and they are SO good!
I’m trying not to focus on the number and allow my body to do what it needs to do, but I sure hope I don’t gain too much more in the next few weeks!
I’m doing a lot more rowing, push presses, strict presses, ring dips, ring rows, box step ups, med ball cleans and squats.
It is possible to for you to have Braxton Hicks' contractions which occur as your uterus tightens, directing more blood to your placenta. Walking might transform into a waddle as you shift your weight from side to side, which is normal. You may have some false alarms, so don't hesitate to call your doctor for advice if you are unsure. Between 38 and 42 weeks is the range of time that is considered normal and safe to deliver by medical professionals.
Also, try to keep your mind busy by focusing on the planing and preparation for the new arrival.
It’s very low, too, because it seems like it is just bouncing on my bladder all the time! I’m staying away from doing anything where I have to bend form the waist or movements where my belly gets in the way!
Also, your waddle will increase in a few weeks as your baby starts to drop into your pelvis.

If your water breaks and it is not followed by contractions you should still contact your doctor.
Remember to keep active with light exercise which will help to lift your mood, promote restful sleep and prepare you for labor. To help relieve the discomfort, try changing your position when sitting or lying down, walk around, or take a warm bath. Going on a short walk each day will be very beneficial and increase your stamina during labor.
If you are unsure weather the contractions are Braxton Hicks', contact your doctor for verification.
Swimming is another activity that can be very beneficial and more comfortable as it puts very little pressure on your belly, muscles and joints. These painful tightenings of your uterus will increase in intensity and become more regular. Besides exercise remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest with regular naps each day. Once you have contractions every 5 minutes that last for 1 minute that are extremely uncomfortable, you should plan to go to the hospital.

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