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Trust your instincts, if you suspect meningitis or septicaemia, get medical help immediately. A rash that does not fade under pressure (see A‘The Glass TestA’) is a sign of meningococcal septicaemia. The Glass TestSpots or a rash that do not fade under pressure will still be seen when the side of a clear drinking glass is pressed firmly against the skin.
A fever with spots or a rash that do not fadeunder pressure is a medical emergency.If someone is ill or is obviously getting worse, do not wait for spots or a rash to appear. Cancer is a very aggressive disease and once it affects a particular area of your body, it usually spreads itself to other parts of the body. A continuous case of coughing and wheezing which is uncomfortable and painful can be termed as one of its symptoms too. Without any change in your diet or exercise if you observe sudden case of weight lose then the matter needs some attention. During the cancer invasion your body’s defense system will automatically react and fight back which will result enlarged or swollen lymph nodes.
The early symptoms of chronic liver failure are similar to those occurring in other medical conditions. In the initial stages of liver failure, the symptoms may manifest in the form of abnormal changes in skin color.
Whatever may be the reason of liver failure, the body may initially respond with abdominal pain.
Talking about early symptoms of liver disease and one simply cannot forget to mention about digestion problems. Disturbances in the normal functioning of the liver can also diminish the desire to eat food. Although, frequent urination followed by unreasonable thirst has often been linked to diabetes, it can also be one of the early symptoms of liver failure. As aforementioned, the bile, a digestive fluid manufactured by the liver gives stool its light brown color. As the liver damage continues further, symptoms aggravate and demand immediate medical attention. Confusion or Mental disorientation: This is often the result of the accumulation of toxins in the body.
Blood Sugar Irregularities: This happens because the liver is unable to assist the pancreas in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Other symptoms that may be experienced in the later stage of chronic liver failure are depression, muscle tremors and even seizures.

Chronic liver failure, where the impairment of liver functions develop slowly, may be due to a number of reasons. On the whole, a liver function test is one of the best ways to confirm whether this triangular shaped organ is indeed not working properly. Early symptoms can include fever, headache, nausea (feeling sick), vomiting (being sick), muscle pain and fever with cold hands and feet. This rash may begin as a few small spots anywhere on the body and can spread quickly to look like fresh bruises. Some of them can be prevented from further spreading or completely cured at an early stage. A seemingly harmless case of a continuous sore throat or a persistently hoarse voice may be an early symptom of throat cancer. Incase if you have painful breathing or shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing then don’t neglect it.
When you cough up blood, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have throat cancer, although blood in the sputum is a symptom of throat cancer. You must see your physician right away if the lymph nodes located on the outside of the neck appear or feel swollen. Hence the diagnosis of liver failure in the initial stages of development, may be difficult. People whining about this persistent feeling of tiredness should consult a doctor for further diagnosis. Urinating fairly often or the frequent urge to urinate is something that could well point towards liver failure. On the basis of test results, the doctor will get a clear idea about how well the liver is functioning.
If the signs of throat cancer are detected at an early stage then it has better chances of being removed. Ear pain and headaches are also some of the painful symptoms experienced by those who have throat cancer.
The severity of abdominal discomfort will vary depending upon how much the liver has swollen. Always feeling tiredness might indicate that progressive deterioration of liver has started. As liver produces bile, that aids in digestion, medical conditions liver dysfunction can cause trouble digesting food. Loss of appetite is considered to be one of the early signs of liver failure and so cannot be ignored.

Viral infections such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C, cause damage to the liver and may lead to chronic liver failure.
In order to prevent liver failure, one should drink alcohol only in moderation and should be immunized with the hepatitis vaccine.
Here are a few symptoms with which you can determine whether you have throat cancer but do keep in mind that this article is just providing you suitable information; you need to thoroughly get assessed by your doctor to reach any concrete conclusion.
If the cancer mass has grown large enough to obstruct your airways and that is why you are experiencing such discomforts then see your doctor right away as these can be fatal.
As the liver is a multitasking organ, it has a number of functions such as food digestion, elimination of toxic chemicals from the blood and production of important proteins.
In chronic liver failure, the deterioration of the liver functions occur slowly, over a period of time. As liver health falls gradually, the body finds it difficult to cope up with day-to-day activities, resulting in low energy levels and prolonging fatigue.
Other factors that greatly increase the risk of chronic liver failure are malnutrition and diseases like cirrhosis and hemochromatosis.
In case of acute liver failure caused due to an overdose of acetaminophen, treatment is given to reverse the effects.
One must also have a nutritious diet and should practice proper hygiene to prevent diseases.
The liver is also responsible for producing bile, an alkaline compound that helps digest food.
People suffering from this condition may have eating disorders that may lead to rapid weight loss, frequent urination and excessive drinking of water. The main job of the liver is to process bilirubin, excess of which is eliminated through urine and fecal matter. Causes of acute liver failure include acetaminophen overdose and reactions to certain prescription drugs. If this cannot be accomplished, liver transplant is commonly recommended, if the condition has reached the advanced stage.
However, when liver function slowly starts declining, bilirubin levels rise in the blood and subsequently the pigment begins to accumulate underneath the skin, giving it a yellowish color.

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