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Not too terribly long ago, we covered an article about 16 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog – Infographic by Cent M. Keep images on your server instead of loading from another site (this does not include CDN usage). These are great tips, but sometimes reading the tip and applying the tip creates a gap in our understanding if we are not prepared to hear it (i.e. Incapsula’s system is able to analyze your site and figure out what can be cached and what cannot or should not be cached. When a visitor visits your site, instead of waiting for the page to load every element and piece of data and image, as if loading for the first time (which is always going to take longer), it connects to the Incapsula CDN and finds the fastest current cached version of the site and loads that.
There is an interesting comparison of these two plugins (as well as a plugin by wpmuDev): The Top 3 WordPress Caching Plugins Compared And Choosing The Best One For Your Site It is a helpful article and aids in explaining what caching is, but just keep in mind that one of the plugins is from the company that hosts the blog. A friend of mine also wrote a wonderful article on this topic and it would be worth consulting. There you have it, the article linked at the beginning of this one, here on BasicBlogTips, some tips that I’m sending your way, and yet another valuable article on the topic of speed for your site.
Just by looking at your recap, anyone with some technical knowledge can implement the changes and improve their site performance quickly. Removing unwanted plugins and using compressed images will surely boost the speed of a website. Speed is really important when it comes for the mobile users, who won’t stay if the website is taking too much time to load on their devices. Well I think the CSS scripts can be a bit more heavy than the images if not used correctly. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Ever wondered why you are still stuck in the same old job, same old small office or cubicle and getting the same amount of salary while everyone else has stepped up their game?
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
All you need to do is make a conscious decision to leave the security of your comfort zone .
Before I started my first blog about my journey to surf every Wednesday for a year, I had become complacent.
After I moved past the fear and negative voices in my head telling me I couldn’t do it, I discovered I could. Here’s the secret to stepping outside of your “box” or your comfort zone to live a large life; it doesn’t have to be a huge leap.
Now, if you wan’t to sell your car and travel around Europe for six months, I’m all for it. Little steps outside of your box will lead to bigger ones and that is where you will start discovering how awesome you can really be.

I have put together a list of (mostly) baby steps you can take to help you leave your comfort zone behind.
About Karen ShatafianI am a surfer, mother, personal development mentor, and unofficial dream chaser. Sign UpAre you ready to join the salty tribe of women (and a few select men) living courageously and unapologetically?
The way that it works is that the company caches your blog or website in various company-owned data centers. It is “application-aware,” understanding the what is considered static information and what is considered dynamic (i.e. In the same way that CDNs use caching to deliver the version to your blog readers, there are localized cache plugins that may be added to your WordPress blog. I’d say you are armed with the information that you need to start speeding up that site of yours, wouldn’t you? Have you asked yourself what you have been doing wrong, why haven’t you gotten a promotion yet? 52 simple ideas to help you step outside of your comfort zone in some way to find the fruit, the sweet stuff; the excitement, the confidence and the awesomeness that is inside you.
You'll get my latest salty blog posts, exclusive updates, plus extra goodies not found on the blog. I am on a quest to squeeze every drop of joy from this life and I want to help others do the same. I’m always amazed at how little it takes to step outside of my fear, and that one small step can propel me into taking on other fears. I am making some major changes in my personal and professional life and this was the reminder that I needed as I prepare to step out of my comfort zone.
It is about having the courage to be true to who you are and honor what you are passionate about with no apologies. Leave your email address and I'll send you my free monthly newsletter of awesomeness featuring my latest blog posts, new salty offerings, plus extra goodies not found on the blog. Or-sign up above for my monthly newsletter and get everything in one monthly package of awesomeness .
Then, we are going to expand on what the Infographic presents and point out some actionable steps that you can take. The speed at which your page loads is better if it is loading the image off of your server instead of connecting to another server and loading the image from there.
Let’s use Incapsula as an example vendor, with features of how they run their content delivery network. The site visitor doesn’t even have to know anything (as it relates to site performance)! Of course, under 100k is even better, but there are some images that aren’t going to quite fit under that 100k mark.

You're here to get blogging tips or help with social media optimization and I'm here to help. I discovered my confidence, my willingness to be okay with failing, and I uncovered new parts of myself. I think sometimes we forget how many amazing things are available to us in this awesome world. I love your list – doing something significant each week as a reminder to continuing pushing myself is a fantastic idea.
That way, by using an example vendor, we can go through the bullet points of what they offer. The heavy lifting is done by Incapsula (or whatever CDN vendor, assuming they can do it), based on the configuration that is put together, as a team effort between the client (blog owner) and Incapsula’s talented team (in this example).
In fact, as I scan the article, I see many of the same recommendations that we are making here. Basic Blog Tips is all about helping you reach your goals and having some fun along the way. My goal is to help YOU build a better blog.
Stepping out of your comfort zone and away from complacency is one way to live an abundant life. I needed to look at that fear square in the face and then tell it to get the hell out of the way. It can even be something like ordering a totally different drink on the Starbucks menu rather than your usual latte.
If you have a WordPress blog, you can obtain a plugin and “Smush It,” reducing the size of your image.
If this sounds uncomfortable, you can start by taking baby steps and then graduate to running leaps. But then, a simple decision to set a goal to surf 52 Wednesdays no matter what, and the blog that followed, flipped on a switch for me. In the case of our example CDN, Incapsula, the “bad traffic” is blocked, freeing up more for the “good traffic.” Bad traffic would be those sources that have been identified as nefarious, as an example. I didn’t have to make a huge life changing choice to get out of the box I was wrapped safely in. I just had to make a conscious decision to try something new and to be okay with a little fear.

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