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Symptoms Of Twin Pregnancy Sever Morning Sickness- This is a very common symptom in pregnant ladies.
Extreme Lethargy If one feels too much of sleepiness, tiredness and exhausted regularly, then it may be a sign of twin pregnancy.
Generally a lady gains weight during pregnancy, but if she is pregnant with twins then the weight increases much more.
Early Back Ache In the case of normal pregnancy the pain appears in the later months or becomes worse as pregnancy progresses but for a twin pregnancy, it is not the same. Excess enlarged belly- Belly looks ahead by 2 -3 months; ie when the lady is in the second month of her pregnancy, it may seem like she is 4-5 months pregnant. Constant Hunger Compared to a lady in normal pregnancy, the lady with twin pregnancy will be much hungrier.

Double Heartbeat Count During regular check-ups, the doctor will make the parents hear the heartbeat of the baby by Doppler system.
It is also believed that one who has got twins in the family is more prone to having twins.
You must definitely take care of yourself and your skin during pregnancy; it must certainly not be ignored.
If you are pregnant, and you catch certain infections, they can be harmful for you and your baby. Most women who have kids agree that experiencing occasional cramping during pregnancy is quite common.
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Even woman who has normal pregnancy go through the trauma of morning sickness but woman bearing twins, experience abnormally excessive morning sickness and this condition is known as Hyperemises Gravidarum. In normal pregnancy uterus stretches itself to accommodate the new one in less intensity compared to the one which needs to make room for two at a time. In case the lady is going through back pain in the early stage of pregnancy, it may be a sign of bearing twins. But in case of twins the heart has to work harder so that it can pump blood supply to support two babies due to which the measure rises between the ranges of 95 to 105 BPM.

One more thing we can infer is that the symptoms of pregnancy remains the same in both the cases but the severity increases and the time gets advanced which means that symptoms seem to be cropping up much earlier than they should, if one is pregnant with twins.
See and learn what changes a woman's body goes through and view fetal images of how her baby grows during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Thus it is obvious that excessive cramping is one of the significant symptoms of twin pregnancy. If one gains 11-16 kgs then it is a healthy factor for normal pregnancy but in case of twins it will be 18-22.5 kgs approximately.
Back pain is due to the extra weight the lady is carrying which means more work for the muscles and increased stress on the joints, which is why the back may feel worse at the end of the day in normal pregnancy but this stage comes early in case of twins because of the double weight in the early phase. These symptoms include a missed period, nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight gain, headaches, food cravings, and mood changes.
Do you understand how a woman's body changes from conception through the various stages of pregnancy.

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