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The smoking rate among all white people is actually lower than among blacks, according to another recent survey.
Smoking during pregnancy can lead to premature labor and birth defects like cleft palette, according to the CDC.
The study shows the importance of doctors talking to pregnant women about the risks of substance abuse during pregnancy, the NSDUH said. Smoking during pregnancy exposes the baby to toxic chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar that can decrease the amount of oxygen the baby receives. The percent of births for which women reported smoking during pregnancy in Pueblo County has been nearly seven to nine percentage points higher than state figures from 2008 through 2010.

Definition: Births in which women reported smoking during pregnancy on infant's birth certificate per 100 live births. Data Source: Health Statistics Section, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Smoking While Pregnant Statistics Smoking is toxic to the unborn child, and studies have shown that getting pregnant may be more difficult for smokers. Smoking Statistics A look at how smoking during pregnancy can affect the pregnancy of the mother and the birth.
Smoking while pregnant puts the woman at risk of placenta problems like placenta previa or.

Smoking Statistics Continuing to smoke during pregnancy carries risks for the unborn child. Statistics taken from the 2004 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking detail the dangers of.

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