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Heidi’s daughter, due in October, will be the fourth child for the model and husband Seal. The couple have their name list narrowed down to five, Heidi says, and will wait until they meet their baby girl to make a final decision. If I looked anywhere near as stunning as Heidi does while pregnant, I would have babies every year.
Since Leni, Henry and Johan are quite traditional old German names, I guess they will continue with that kind of choice.
I worked this event and was standing right next to E!, so I heard everything Heidi said that is written here and then some from 5 feet away. The thing I absolutely love about this family is how much Heidi and Seal are into each other, and how they always put each other first. Am I doing something wrong It shows up in my game but it doesnt give me the options to take test. Like I said it wasn't giving me an option but then I thought one of my sims on university was pregnant and the option came up so I thought it was only working on university lots. I say that because Tyra banks has said she’s 161lbs and I know Gisele Bundchen is like 120-something.

The couple is the foundation of everything in a family, and I cannot see these two having marital problems for not having their priorities straight. Anyway as for heidi, she has been showing a lot quicker this time around, than she was with henry and johan, but that is normal because not only is this her 4th kid, but it’s her 4th kid within 5 yrs. I have a cousin that’s due three weeks after Heidi, also has the same build, and she has a slightly bigger belly than Heidi does right now. I don’t know if anyone here has heard about the rude remarks Karl Lagerfield made about Heidi and Seal (individually or as a couple) but clearly the man is insane. That takes a toll on even the best bodies and you tend to pop out sooner, the more pregnancies close together you have.
Doctor even told her that she’s a few pounds below of where she should be at this stage of pregnancy. Elisabeth hasselbeck seems much bigger this pregnancy, than her last 2 pregnancies also IMO. Really trying hard not to bash on Heidi since she’s one of my faves but I find it ridiculous that she appears to be worried over how big she has gotten already. And she’s nothing but lucky to have Seal, who by all means is a great father and husband.

She was with Michael Kors at that point, who said Heidi is the epitome of a woman with a pregnant glow and bundles of energy. Heidi also said in intouch magazine she gets bigger with girl pregnancies than she does with boys, said she has love handles and looks further along with girl pregnancies she noticed.
We’ve seen her through 3 pregnancies now and she always looks so slender and beautiful. I’m a huge fan of Project Runway, so that was definitely the highlight of the night for me. I think the baby’s name will be german like the other kids, and have a lot of middle names like them too.

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