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Types of Prenatal VitaminsPrenatal vitamins are essential for the growth and development of the fetus.
Best-Prenatal-Vitamins-for-Pregnancyprenatal vitamins for pregnancy help boost the mother's ability to withstand the course and nature of gestation. Online Pregnancy Quizpregnancy quiz is a tool to assist the need of a woman to ascertain the possibility of pregnancy. What-IS-IUICheaper but less effective than IVF, the IUI treatment can be the first option in the treatment of infertility. Pregnancy after Tubal Litigationpregnancy after tubal ligation happens only, when a woman decides to undergo a reversal operation. Is There an Abortion Pillabortion pill is a pharmaceutical product that can effectively terminate a growing fetus inside the pregnant mother's womb. How to Test Fertility in WomenFertility tests can be done at home or in the presence of a doctor. What Causes Infertility in WomenInfertility in women involves a problem in the hormonal and reproductive functions.
What Causes Infertility in MenInfertility in men is common to those with stress, infection or abnormalities in their reproductive function. Infertility-Treatments-for-MenInfertility in Men can be easily treated with healthy eating.
What-Causes-InfertilityAging, Stress and unhealthy lifestyle are the leading causes of infertility in adults. Diseases and Disorders that Can Cause InfertilityCertain disorders in both men and women can lead to infertility. Nutrition During Pregnancy and LactationNutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation is very important for the health of your baby. Dietary considerations during Pregnancy and LactationDiet during pregnancy and lactation should be chosen carefully as it is responsible for your child's health. Things-to-Help-you-Get-PregnantSay no to certain things and yes to others, to increase the chances of pregnancy. Chinese-Remedies-for-InfertilityChinese medication is renowned for its treatment of infertility. Ovulation Predictor KitsOvulation Prediction can help ascertain the right time to get pregnant.

Tips on Getting PregnantGetting pregnant can be very easy if you follow the important cues.
Fertility-and-Pregnancy-after-40Fertility and chances of pregnancy reduces drastically once a woman reaches 40 years. Risks of Being pregnant Over 40Being pregnant Over 40 and delivering a baby has its own risks. What is Birth Control Used forBirth control methods are basically used to avoid any unwanted pregnancies, but hey have their other uses also.
All about Birth Control PillsWhen it comes to contraceptive pill women want the one that is the most effective but sometimes it’s all about how they use them. Types of Birth Control for WomenThe two major types of birth control methods are based on how they work: hormonal methods and non-hormonal methods. Preventing Stretch Marks During PregnancyStretch marks appear in most women during pregnancy and you will probably try to prevent them or erase them later. Ultrasound for PregnancyUltrasound scan can help doctors identify possible problems and give some precious details about the developing baby in the womb.
Pregnancy After MenopauseMenopause usually comes in your 50s, sometimes earlier but it marks the end of natural pregnancies although you can conceive thanks to IVF treatment. Morning Sickness and Its RemediesDuring the first semester pregnant women experience nausea often associated with vomiting.
What Is IVF and How Does It WorkIVF is a fertilization treatment that requires adequate preparation before going through all the major steps of the process. Can Birth Control Stop PregnancyCombination of sexual intercourse with birth control can prevent pregnancy, while the reverse is also true. What is surrogate motherThere can be a traditional surrogate mother or a gestational surrogate mother. What is surrogate motherhoodParting with the child, once it is born is the most difficult part of being a surrogate mother. What is SurrogacySurrogacy is a term used more often to describe the practice of serving as a substitute for a woman who can't carry a pregnancy.
Can Folic Acid Help You Get PregnantThe folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy as it can prevent neural tube defects and improve fertility. Most Accurate Home Pregnancy TestsTesting early for pregnancy might be normal when you are eager to know if you are pregnant or not but it might not be very accurate.

Pregnancy Blood TestPregnancy Blood Test can tell about the health of your baby in the womb. Surrogacy is a relatively new practice and there are countries that don’t have any laws about it yet.
In Russia surrogacy is legal, including commercial surrogacy but certain conditions have to be met like: uterine cavity synechia, absence of uterus, somatic diseases contraindicating childbearing, repeatedly failed IVF attempts or cervix deformity.
Then there are a few countries where only the altruistic surrogacy is legal such as: Canada, New Zealand, South Africa (under certain rules and regulations), UK and New York. The first and the most important reason for that is the cost. Indian surrogate parenting agencies charge you the lowest prices for surrogacy. It is pretty easy to find a surrogate mother in India and you can get the best doctors in this field of expertise.
The booming surrogate industry in India was criticized and authorities were prompted to draft new laws for tighter rules.
But Indian laws about surrogacy were recently changed and the whole industry will have to adapt to the new rules. Every year thousands of couples from all over the world are attracted to India by surrogacy agencies because of the extremely lower prices. One of the big criticisms is directed at the surrogate mothers who are kept in houses called “baby factories” by the critics.
Also it is beneficial for the couples hiring them as the whole process happens under the eyes of trained personnel.
Also, guidelines for accreditation are issued by the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) since 2005. And it’s true that the task of these surrogate mothers is not easy as they are allowed to see their families only on Sundays and thus they spend a lot of time worrying about their families, their homes and their children.
For example only heterosexual couple who have been married for at least 2 years will be allowed to commission a surrogate baby. The practice of surrogacy is controversial and there are some legal issues that might concern someone who is ready to resort to this practice.

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