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ANN WILSON Money Management Vs Leadership: What’s The Difference And Why You Should Give A Damn! Leadership and Management – two often misunderstood concepts and regularly regarded as one and the same thing. If you don’t understand the difference between money management and money leadership and why you need to be great at both it will be (almost) impossible for you to ever create your own financial freedom, which is why I made this video for you.
Watch the video now and become one of the elite few who understand the difference and how to give your money both.
Isn’t it great that you now know the difference and can apply this on your financial freedom journey to get there ever faster. Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of Wealth Chef’s in the making come here each week for juicy wealth snacks, insight and inspiration as they create their juicy financially free lives too. Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously and for choosing to master this key ingredient money and live your un-limited life.
To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. A man in a klotok boat navigates through a peat swamp near Lake Sambujur, North Hulu Sungai, South Kalimantan, Indonesia.
PALANGKARAYA, INDONESIA— Indonesian organizations are teaming up for the massive task of preventing forest and ground fires that blanket the region in haze every year during the dry season. Last year, fires in the peatland forest of Sumatra and Kalimantan created an environmental crisis due to an extended drought and El Nino weather conditions.
In Palangkaraya, the Central Kalimantan capital, the haze was so bad schools and businesses closed and thousands suffered respiratory and eye problems. One major goal of the government-funded project is to persuade local villages to let them block canals that have drained peat forests for years, creating an imbalance in the water table that has left the area vulnerable to fires and flooding. Bridges above roads link houses to cope with regular flooding, Kalanis village, South Barito, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. South Africa’s artisanal coffee scene is booming, driven by more discerning drinkers, better beans and greater awareness about the ethical origins of one of the world’s favorite brews. With Muhammad Ali's passing, the world is remembering a man who transcended sports, culture and religion to become a global icon.
While presidential candidates may need money to run a campaign, volunteers and campaign workers are just as important to winning a race.
The life of a 17-year-old Syrian refugee in Istanbul typifies the difficult life facing millions of Syrians who have fled civil war and the Islamic State group. The small North African country of Tunisia is considered a leading exporter of foreign fighters.

The United States and China used the opening of high-level annual talks in Beijing Monday to try and ease growing tensions over disputes in the South China Sea.
As Britain contemplates leaving the European Union with a June 23 referendum, Russia is seen as one of the few countries in Europe favoring a so-called “Brexit” from the EU. On a recent evening about 15 miles outside of Manhattan, approximately 50 people gathered in the borough of Queens to voice support for a fellow Queens native who also happened to be running for president - Donald Trump. After servings of cake and coffee, and several warm up chants of “Make America great again, Trump, Trump, Trump!” the Queens Village Republican Club was ready to get down to business. Roger Clinton gets back in the news just as the FBI is about to recommend and indictment of Hillary (I have it on good authority this is coming any day now). According to Hilary Clinton, she is not responsible for her brothers actions.  Is this the beginning of a troubling trend of trying to pass the buck on responsibility?
All you need to know about Roger Clinton is that his Secret Service code name was "Headache".
Tom_Slick: Ahh Roger Clinton, you just can't be Billy Carter, stop trying.He's trying his damnedest, isn't he? We've reported a bit about video game adaptations (we even made a gallery of video games that could be good films, heh), and in specifics for 2016 the two big video game films are that of Warcraft -- which is not doing well critics and doesn't seem to be expected to make a big splash for its June 10th release -- and Assassin's Creed, which is due out in December.
Let's just look at Assassin's Creed, which, to my knowledge, might be the one game series in the modern era best suited for film adaptation. But even if you do that, the running time still doesn't come close to a reasonable running time for a film.
So the question then becomes, if you were to adapt video games into a broader medium, how would you do it? If this confusion and misunderstanding has seeped into your personal money world, it could be costing you not only mega bucks but your freedom too. It is giving your money efficient and effective mechanisms to create the vision your leadership has set. Now understanding the difference and the skill you’ve been weaker in, what one thing you’re going to do to make sure your money gets both leadership and management? Some peat forests have been drained for years, creating an imbalance in the water table that has left areas vulnerable to fires and flooding. VOA’s Anita Powell checks out what’s brewing, and brings us this report, from Johannesburg. Analysts estimate up to 7,000 or more of its citizens have joined Islamic State and other militant groups in Iraq, Syria and Libya. He is an active NASA astronaut, has flown the space shuttle, conducted spacewalks, and was the commander of the International Space Station in spring 2015.

Political analysts say the Kremlin hopes a British exit would weaken European resolve against a resurgent Russia.
Why are video game films so maligned and tend to be dead on arrival as they reach theatres? It's the most cinematic, it pays a premium for good writing and performances, and its main storyline tends to follow story beats that most films and TV series employ.
And so in attempting to do so, films are not only forced to eliminate the immersion of actually controlling characters in the story, but they have to reduce the running time of the content they're putting out.
If studios were not trying to make such a blatant cash grab with blockbuster films that don't require them to, y'know, create original content, they might consider adapting video games to television. Although these are aspects of your wealth journey they will not create a wealthy life for you. A striking percentage come from Ben Guardene, one of Tunisia’s poorest towns, located just 30 kilometers from the Libyan border. VOA's Peggy Chang and Shan Xu spoke with him at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and found out what it’s really like to be an astronaut.
The first and shortest Mass Effect is almost that long (the second Mass Effect becomes a whopping eight hour movie). You could do a lot with that, and more importantly -- you can do things that the video game could not.
Now type in the words Money Leadership  and you’ll get a whole bunch of leadership books but nothing about your wealth and your money. Lisa Bryant was there and has this report on a rising threat facing Tunisia’s young democracy. Even the 2013 Tomb Raider, which is much more on rails of a game, is at about three hours.
Digital series that are on YouTube have a very strong interactive component, and it's no coincidence that you can find "movie" versions of games, and let's play videos, all over the platform. This is not like adapting a novel, which is only text, or comic books, which has other limitations of scene and form. Video games have all the time in the world, and they let that world, and their scenes breathe.

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