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For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Thanks to long-distance running skinny-fat people, peanut butter has been demonized for the longest time.
With the 7 grams of protein in 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, you also get almost 2 grams of an essential nutrient known as fibre.
Peanut butter is a great source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, commonly known as healthy fats. Always prefer natural peanut butter, as most of the brands in the market contain hydrogenated oil as an ingredient. The Cleveland Indians’ Francisco Lindor had an unfortunate slip-up while trying to run to first base in the fourth inning on Tuesday vs. Just because it is high in calories, it doesn’t mean that you will strike it off your diet. Fibre helps in better functioning of the digestive track as it helps in smooth bowel movement and hence, keeps you away from constipation. Hydrogenated oil is an indirect source of trans-fat that is made by adding hydrogen in a heated liquid vegetable oil in order to convert it into a solid form. Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform. Ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears have done an admirable job shoring up areas of need along their roster with strong free agent signings, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Joey Bosa Draws Suggs Comparison Spring Battle: Yankees 5th Starter: Is There Potential Value In CC Sabathia or Ivan Nova? First off, if most of your calories throughout the day are coming from junk food, stop blaming healthy foods that are high in calories for making you fat.
Peanut butter not only helps in lowering down the bad cholesterol levels but it also contains some variable saturated fats that are beneficial for the production of significant hormones, vitamins, testosterone and vitamin D. Trans-fats are the unhealthy fats that lead to high cholesterol, blood pressure and obesity.
In fact, dietary foods that are high in calories can help you pack on lean muscle and burn more fat.

Peanut butter, being rich in fibre and protein, makes you feel fuller for long and hence, you don’t crave unhealthy snacks and thus, end up eating less.
Also, never go for flavoured peanut butter; remember, flavour simply means more sugar and unwanted calories. Peanut butter is one such essential that must reflect in your daily diet and here’s why. In the secondary, re-signing Tracy Porter to play alongside Kyle Fuller gives the Bears two starting corners who, despite struggling for parts of last season, actually had solid campaigns on the whole and should remain stable, if not spectacular, options next year.
Then grabbing Akiem Hicks adds a solid veteran player along the defensive line after he finished in the top 15 in PFF rankings for defensive tackles despite having limited reps for the Patriots last season. Now that the initial rush of free agency is over, however, the attention shifts forward again to the draft, and though the Bears have made strides in addressing their most glaring roster holes, they still need to add impact players to their defense in the first few rounds. AfterA the effort they made to enhance the playmaking ability of their linebacking corps, it would make a great deal of sense for Chicago to use the 11th overall pick (and possibly even the 8th pick in the second round as well) to upgrade their defensive line.
While the Bears also need to address who will be starting alongside Adrian Amos at safety next season, there areA too manyA talented defensive linemen at the top end of the draft to ignore, and they badly need one.
The Bears got a solid rookie season out of NT Eddie Goldman (22 tackles and 4.5 sacks), the only defensive line starter to register a positive grade last season according to PFF metrics, and will haveA Hicks this year, but that still leaves a hole at the other 3-4 defensive tackle.
At this point, neither Ego Ferguson nor Will Suttona€”the 11th worst defensive lineman in the league according to PFFa€”have proven to be better than rotation players, which all but necessitates theA Bears looking hard at the standout defensive lineman from this yeara€™s draft class. While a bit raw technique-wise and not a particularly explosive athlete, Buckner simply overwhelmed people both in the run and pass game due using size, strength, andA relentless effort. The rub here is that therea€™s a good chance Buckner doesna€™t last until pick #11, as he is consistently discussed as being one of the top defensive lineman in the draft along with Ohio Statea€™s Joey Bosa (who, barring injury or some kind of scandal, will definitely not be around when the Bears are on the clock).
Should a rash of quarterback and wide receiver selections push him out of the top 10, though, this would be slam dunk pick for Pace. Given his natural size and motor as well as the obvious abilities this Bears’ coaching staff has at getting the best out of its players, Buckner could start paying dividends quickly in his rookie season. Consolation prize: Aa€™Shawn Robinson (Alabama) Robinson is absolutely massive (6-4, 320 pounds) and was an immovable object in Alabamaa€™s vaunted front, ranking in PFFa€™s top 15 defensive lineman against the run both in 2014 (4th) and 2015 (11th). So while Robinsona€™s run-stopping prowess is difficult to discount, he might actually be a better value on Day 2 of the draft, should he remain without a team that long.

Unlike the previously mentioned players, Nkemdiche is an explosive pass rusher on the inside, showing the ability to get off the ball quickly and beat blockers with bull rushes and other moves. A big red flag: Nkemdiche struggled to consistently beat double teams that he began to face routinely as his Ole Miss career progressed, which he would only face more of as a 3-4 defensive end in the NFL.
If Nkemdiche somehow makes it out of the top 10, he would have to leap to the top of the Bearsa€™ board (especially if Buckner is gone by this point).
Despite his issues in the run game, he has the potential to be a disruptive force on the defensive line that the Bears haven’t seen since Tommie Harris.
Lawsona€™s size (6-3, 275 pounds) fits him more in the profile of a 4-3 defensive end, but his strength and stoutness at the point of attack could make for an interesting debate if the Bears thought he could add some weight and slide inside to 3-4 defensive end. Scouts also have praised his abilities to take on double teams and to hold his own frequently without giving ground, an important quality either for a 4-3 or 3-4 end.
Lawsona€™s problem at the moment is a nagging right shoulder injury that forced him to leave a few games late last season, though he never missed a game in three years at Clemson and still managed to play in the national championship. That shoulder was apparently flagged by medical staff at the NFL Combine, and while Lawson has maintained that surgery is not needed, he will need to undergo a re-check of that shoulder to allay teams that have him on their first round boards. Regardless of whether his medical exams check out, Lawson should still be in play when the Bears pick at #11, especially if both Buckner and Nkemdiche are gone. Given his past production as a pass rusher, Lawson is likely a more valuable pick at this spot than Robinson would be, though the Bears would have to feel assured that he could handle a move inside in their 3-4 scheme.
Particularly in the 3-4 scheme, having lineman that occupy double teams is what allows linebackers like Trevathan, Freeman, and McPhee to stuff running plays and apply quicker pressure to the quarterback on passing downs, which in turn can minimize the amount of time the secondary has cover receivers.
In short, a good defensive line can make an entire defense better; having seen what disruptive defensive fronts can do in Chicago firsthand, Bears fans can attest to that. Besides, therea€™s plenty of room to add depth at outside linebacker, in the secondary, and possibly even at quarterback on Days 2-3.
But hey, maybe the Bears will go off the reservation and get Carson Wentz at #11 just to keep us on our toes.

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