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Severe abdominal pain during pregnancy first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester. If the mom-to-be complaint aches, it means normal as long as it is not followed by visual disturbance, fever, bleeding, nausea, faintness and some unusual matters. Peptic ulcer is indicated by abdominal pain right side and followed with pain in the chest. It is usual to see the pregnant women experienced some discomfort or complaints in the pregnancy periods.
The normal discomfort in abdominal area will not too severe so that if facing this uncommon condition, the pregnancy can be threatened by some considerations such as miscarriage, pre eclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, or preterm labor. The body condition that changes to be fitted to the new condition for embryo growth will cause the aches. The process of embryo growth will affect the hormones and body to fit to the new condition.

The unusual condition can danger both the mother and the embryo so that medical actions should be taken soon. The normal discomfort such as aches because of expanding uterus where the baby grows will make the ligament to stretch and cause the bowel displacement. Those discomforts are varied from the usual, benign until the annoying, and serious complaints that may need medical concern.
This can be quite severe but it will resolve and the body will be used to this condition, the constipation as the result of increasing the hormone production and the hicks’ contraction which is annoying but harmless are also will be experienced. The common complaints usually will be no problem with time since the body of pregnant women will be accustomed to the new condition and as the embryo growth and the discomfort will change.
The serious complaints caused by abdominal pain during pregnancy can be seen by unusual matters such as bleeding and excessive complaints. Also will help you look for anemia and thrombocytopenia which can be seen in HELLP (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelets).

Further 40 mg 10 minutes later if needed followed by two further doses at 80 mg 10 minutes apart, to a maximum dose of 220 mg. If adequate response is not achieved, an alternative agent can be used.Short-acting nifedipine can be given orally at 10 mg to start, repeated at 30 minute intervals if required for up to 3 doses. These patients need admission for observation, blood pressure control, magnesium maintenance and continuous fetal monitoring. Get OB on board as soon as you can!Our patient's labs ended up revealed no signs of HELLP, normal uric acid, normal creatinine and 2+ protein in her urine.

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