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Nursery Decor: My dad is coming back next week to help put up shelving and hang some pictures.
Baby Size: Kumquat is apparently the size of a honeydew or around 5 lbs, but I swear my back and legs feel like she is a watermelon. The presenter said he has delayed the operation for a long time and has yet to book a date.
This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. I did not expect that I would carry the twins this far but here I am, 37 weeks and 6 days today!
The "rule" that twins don't get to go 40 weeks is, to some extent, a self fulfilling prophecy.
According to my doctor (at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor), they never let any twin mom go past 38 weeks.
There really isn't any significant risk to being 38 weeks pregnant with twins, unless you have high blood pressure or your twins have twin-to-twin.
We had to switch OB because the first one suggested induction and C-section at 38 weeks pregnant with my twins despite the fact that they've been both head down from 30th week and wasn't happy when we asked to move around during labor.
Then I can focus on the fun decorating parts. I do feel like I need to get the drawers organized a bit — the clothes are just so tiny!

We are going with a children’s book theme so I have a few of Josh and my favorite books from growing up all set to go on the wall. I was sort of excited to hear that I haven’t gotten wider around, but I am terrified about what those boobs are going to look like when the milk comes in. Josh and I headed down to the Fire Station by Boynton Beach last week and learned how to put her in the car seat. Everything I do annoys her anyway, and she is sensitive to the smallest of things, from the way I eat to the sound I make when I breathe.
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The pregnancy has been surprisingly smooth, and I am still able to sleep for 7 or 8 hours at night. This is 2nd time ever blogging, but I had to stop by to say thanks to everyone that left a message here, because I was sooo worried and felt like I didnt have enough information to make me want to be induced right at 38 weeks with my fraternal twin girls. Just returned from the OB, they confirmed there's a very small leak of amniotic fluid for 2 days, and suggested that we go to the hospital right away, get antibiotics and pitocin. The current one is very supportive of natural birth so we are trying for a medication-free natural delivery, and we are very excited about it!!!
I wish we could have a home birth but weighing the risks we still decided to go to the hospital, although we hired a midwife to be the doula, hopefully things will smoothly.

And I did 21 Day Fix Lower Body the other day, which may have contributed to said Charley Horse. But after talking to our naturopathic doc and midwife, we decided to wait another day or two since we think the babies are coming soon anyway. Let your body tell you when its time, your dr will keep a very close eye on both you and them and will let you know if it becomes medically necessary!
I don't think there is such "tragedies" that can occur from being 38 weeks pregnant with twins. I am sure they are not happy right now but virtually anything in life carries some risks, so we will see how this goes.
Even tho I was ready to have them out at 7 months, (not that I ever would have!) my ob said the longer in the oven, better it is for the babies! The last few weeks add brains and body fat - both of which are very helpful for newborn babies.

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