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Sperm is deposited in the vagina and moves up through the cervix into the uterus and then into the fallopian tube.
Sperm and egg meet in the outer portion of the fallopian tube and the sperm enters the egg (fertilization). If two or more eggs have been release then they all can get fertilized by sperms and twins or more can develop. Spearmint contains menthol that helps to calm down the muscles and the digestive tract, easing nausea.
Licorice possesses an active acid known as “glycyrrhizin” that teats viral and bacterial infections present inside the stomach that often causes nausea.  It coats and heals stomach ulcers and treats constipation that creates conditions of nausea in some individuals. Peppermint has a calming effect, so it is widely used as an herbal treatment for nausea, upset stomach and anxiety.  It relaxes stomach muscles and encourages bile flow. To prepare herbal peppermint tea, take one cup of boiling water and add half cup of dried peppermint leaves to it.
Herbalist suggests that fennel has antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties that help to aid nausea caused due to indigestion and food poisoning. More than half of pregnant women population encounter these symptoms during early pregnancy. This is because, the very smell of citrus helps bringing down the gloomy feeling of nausea. The herb wild yam possesses hormonal precursors which are used by the body to make progesterone, needed to support the pregnancy. It interacts with lung and stomach functionaries and reduces the severity of vomiting and nausea.

It is a gel like substance that coats the stomach and digestive tract and prevents the acid from burning the stomach lining that causes the nausea.  Slippery elm also possesses antioxidants which reduce stomach and digestive tract inflammations eliminating any pain inside that may trigger nausea. This herb has a special mention in traditional Chinese medicines to treat vomiting and nausea.
It also helps to prevent stomach contractions that elicit nausea.Add fennel seeds to one glass of water and drink.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. While some continue to have throughout their pregnancy, some never experience these at all anytime during their pregnancy. And, if you are longing to see the beautiful smile of a little angel, then you certainly wouldn’t mind pains and irritations.
It contains phenols which acts as a sedative on irritated stomach tissue, thus reducing over activity of the stomach. Keeping a pinch of cardamom in your mouth, without chewing or swallowing, can reduce the murky feeling of nausea. Pregnancy and having a growing foetus inside your womb give you an immense pleasure and a lasting memory. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail.
It is not a disease but a symptom which can be well treated with herbal teas, lozenges, and concoction. Chamomile is available in both teas and supplements form.Chamomile teas work best when taken during the feeling of nausea.

The herb is available in teas, oil, gum, and candy forms.Prepare a spearmint tea by pouring boiling water over a spearmint tea bag.
You can prepare a tea by boiling dried oregano leaves or add pure oregano oil in hot water for consumption. The soothing sensation of the herb helps to relax stomach and alleviate nausea.Take one cup of boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of finely chopped fresh ginger root to it. It also helps in eliminating toxin which you have taken in along with your food and helps digested food quickly move through your system, thus throwing out the bad stuff from your body and absorbing good stuff quickly, to give nourishment to you and your baby.
Next time when you are nause as and do not want to take over the counter medicines fearing side effects, these time tested herbs can bring you the maximum benefits. To prepare chamomile tea simply boil water and pour the boiling water over a chamomile tea bag placed inside a teacup. Try relishing a hot cup of ginger tea in the morning as the best way to calm an upset stomach. You can also add caraway seeds along with dried peppermint leaves to enhance the benefit of this remedy. Kheer could be a good source of calcium and carbohydrate which are required in high quantity during pregnancy. Half boiled rice water contains demulcent properties which can help your irritated stomach muscles to relax.

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