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She should have been one of those people to live with baggage of regrets because she had a baby at 17, but Ireti Doyle is not one of those that look back and regret.
Disclaimer: Do not use this forum as a channel to promote hatred, tribalism or any other kind of personal grievances. April 10, 2015 By Becky (Your Modern Family) 102 Comments I wanted to write this post, because my friend, Paula, wrote a post called So you think you’re pro life  (Her post is about young mothers and how they are often judged), and it seemed to spark conversation about how we are often judged by the sizes of our families. Each of our children were thought about, planned and brought into this world with every intention of growing our family, raising our children and watching them grow into responsible adults.  They were beautifully and wonderfully made. Many times I will hear arguments about how it is irresponsible to have this many children because of overcrowding in the world. Yes, they are a handful – a handful of fun, love, excitement, laughter, giggles, and at times, even a handful of trouble.
I would love to have more, too, but I feel pretty complete right now, so unless God has other plans, we will probably only have 4. Thank you for posting this article, we prayed for and planned for all of our children, and I don’t always understand why people are so surprised. My Aunt has one and wanted more, but she couldn’t have anymore for health reasons, either.
It blows my mind that people judge families of 4, we jumped straight 6 within 4 months and now have 14 and I can promise you we aren’t done. We only have 2 together and the other 5 are my step children but i still consider them mine. Sometimes I look around at all the kids hanging out in the house, and I think, “is that all there is?” LOL!
Anyone who submits himself to true analysis will look back and see where he or she could have done better.
Keep the posts relevant to the topic in an attempt to keep the forum organised and maintain the focus on each topic. Our first was born extremely ill but we knew we still wanted more- and we had our 2nd 19 months later.
She tells me now that she wishes she had more — as she ages, she wishes she were surrounded by a horde of children to love and watch mature and have families of their own. What is done is done, the important thing is that the lessons have been learnt and knowledge applied.Are there times that you took yourself too seriously?Yeah, ita€™s a natural phase in life.
You know when you are in your late 20s and early 30s, when you think you have finally arrived, you assume that certain things are yours because you think you have life all figured out and life will basically teach you something differently. After praying for several months, I finally shared with my husband what God was doing in my heart. We have been talking about having 1 more to try for a little girl if we got a little boy we would still be happy.
My mother-in-law, one of 8 children, had her only surprise baby (my husband) late in her child-bearing years. The older you become, the clearer you see the bigger picture of life in general and all those little things that used to be so important will turn out to be less important.
Those battles you used to fight back in the days, no longer seem important anymore.If you have to define life, what will you say life is?I cana€™t define life, I dona€™t know.
She spends her days hanging out with her 2 younger sisters or talking on the phone to her large extended family.
I wake up every morning to my family, I go to work, I interact with people, I run business, and I try to live a good life, try and be a good person.
I love my crazy life and though there are struggles, I signed up for this and know God has a plan for us!
Ita€™s too much of euphemism for me.To some people you are a model, to some you are an actor, a presenter to others you are a businesswoman, which of these role are you more comfortable in?I am a performer. Our 7th will likely be our last, not because we will choose to not have any more, but because I believe that my fertility is running out.

So whether I am presenting a show on TV, or acting a character in a television series or on stage, I am performing a role. Everybody in Nigeria is an entrepreneur, you are either employed by the government or you are a contractor, or you run your own business, so I run my own business.So, should we stop seeing the modeling side of you?I never was a model.
She had the dream of creating her maternity shot and I promised to be the model of the maternity shot.
So, when I was nice and right, we just did what we have always talked about and it was nice. She needed a known face for that shot.How come you are not too big in Nollywood?Nothing is wrong.
I would rather say ita€™s all good because I am synonymous with quality rather than quantity and you know, an industry that has thousands of players, you need something to set you apart, so nothing is wrong. I was busy pursing an acting career, then I was lucky to get into broadcasting thinking I was doing it on the side not realizing I was building a secondary career for myself. I like the way things are.Have you ever felt bad that producers dona€™t call you with scripts often?Back in the days, yes, when I didna€™t have this level of understanding, that was the battle I talked about earlier on and it is not a bad thing.
It is only when you see yourself in a particular light that you can now position yourself in a particular way. In the Circle of Three, we were telling the story of women, in their early 40s and late 30s and that is my generation. I understood the issue perfectly, if it did not happen to me directly, I must have known someone who it happened to. So ita€™s a story of my generation.What is so special about being in onea€™s 30s and 40s?Ita€™s not too much of peculiarity. In your 20s you want to experiment because you had some answers and God has been so good to you, you didna€™t get into trouble. So people hate those milestones at different times in life and that basically defines every decade.
The peculiarity of my 30s and 40s is that, having finally discovered who you are, where you are, you have the courage and the confidence to be that person regardless of what anybody else thinks or say.Do women have to play the role of a fool to make a marriage work?In any human relationship, marriage, friendship, business at some point in time one person is going to be the more ignorant of the two. Whether it is the man or not, the truth is that one person will have to lay low for that relationship to work. Those are the three elements.Dona€™t you think the thirst for independence among women is increasing divorce rates in recent times?No, I dona€™t think so.
Maybe people are getting married too young, maybe they dona€™t understand themselves, maybe they are not picking their partners wisely, maybe they are not being tolerant enough, maybe they are getting married for the wrong reasons.
It is only someone that has confidence in him or herself that will find a free spirited and independent woman or man.What do you think young people should look for before getting married?They should discover who they are first.Dona€™t you think that could take eternity? If you dona€™t know yourself and you dona€™t know what you want for yourself how do you go about picking a partner for yourself? I think that it is very arrogant of anybody to think that they could just come and stare at the television and talk.
I challenge you to go on the street, gather a crowd and give a 10-minute speech.What has been the most challenging or rather annoying presentation you have ever had?It was with one of these political types. Rather than answering the question, he took the opposition to the cleaners and because of broadcasting ethics; I couldna€™t do anything about it.
The only way to have double-crossed him would have been very insulting but I had to keep quiet and let the man do the talking. I needed a job, I was a budding actress at that time and you know how it is to be new on the block. So, to keep body and soul together, I started working with a production company as a production assistant. I was an actress and also a writer as well as a production officer.I was pursuing acting as a career, but television was a thing I did to pay the bills.
You are focused on doing one thing where your passion lies and on the other hand, you are doing one thing, not so much mechanical but you are doing it as a secondary assignment.

The secondary career turns to be the primary; the one that everybody knows you for is bringing in all the money. I love every bit of it, I love talking to people.Are you happier as a broadcaster?Yes, I am very happy, I love my job. I look forward to doing more of TV.How did you get on Silverbird TV?A show was conceived and they needed a presenter. Someone asked me to come, I did it and they liked what I did, and they decided to keep me.That baby you had as teenager, why did you decide to keep the pregnancy?
It was something to share; something other people could learn from and besides, it was my story to tell. It just didna€™t happen here, and it wasna€™t the past that I was running away from, it was not that I was hiding, ashamed of, but I dona€™t know what goes on, on the inside of somebody else, I only know how I react to some of the situations. I knew that at some point in time, that this story would be told that the next generation and next generation of young girls can learn from it.What do you think the next generation will learn?Making the right choices. Knowing who you are, having the confidence to be who you are regardless of whata€™s going on around you, what everybody is saying or thinking and making the right choice.Do you think in this sex generation of ours, that the teenagersa€™ are learning anything?Of course they are learning, that is why they say that the whole world is made up of corrupt people. For every pre-teenager or teenager having any form of indiscriminate sex, there are some who are trying to very hard to keep it together and living a different kind of life.
So it is not condemnation for the world.What other business do you run?I run a production company, I produce shows. We do fashion-related events, television production and broadcasting.How is it being a mother and at the same time a career person?There are days when ita€™s hard when we have work commitment and you cana€™t get home on time. When I have my job worked out for the day, I try to get home before my kids because when you are there, you are involved in what they are doing.
But I will say I am surrounded by a group of good people from my husband to my daughter to my house keeper and some other ladies that come sometimes during the day to help me do stuffs. So I guess am just lucky.How do you handle the friction, getting to work early, running around for various businesses, does this friction affect your home?No. I just told you that I have a network of people who come in at different times to help me get my work done. She makes sure that the kids get prepared for school, and their big sister is at home because of the strike.
If my husband is not coming with me, hea€™ll be home with the children and altogether there is always someone at home. One that often comes to mind which was actually a big lesson for me was when was I was given an extra year in school. At the beginning of the final year section, I was assured that all I had to do was to put in little or no effort to make it into the 2.1 category.
But when the result came out, I found out that I didna€™t only fail the course, but I had another year extra. You know when you are somebody who is known in school, you will start feeling like, how do I go back. Rather, I kept the shame on the inside of me.As a broadcaster, how did you survive in the days when money was not coming in?Our needs were always meet.
All the bills that needed to be paid were paid right on time even when things werena€™t as good as it is now.
Maybe there was a time that I could not afford to buy a brand new car, but I cana€™t look back and say that there was a time that we could not provide food on the table or we couldna€™t pay bills.
The grace of the Almighty God has always been sufficient for us.Would you say you are a success story?I dona€™t know, I cana€™t answer that. Of course, I do feel successful to some extent and I am grateful to God for what I am right now.

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