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For example, you may tell yourself that you are too short, fat, socially anxious, nice, or bald. All of these reasons may actually be a fact of life for you (right now), but they don’t have to hold you back from getting a girlfriend for life. There is no doubt that the socially accepted norm is that women are shorter than their men.Many women fear what others will think when they are taller than a man. Because those women are superficial.Worse, short men are often judged harshly on their height alone and not viewed to be asA manly or capable as their taller peers.
So what can you do…besides getting surgery to extend your limbs to increase your height? And, the way you feel about yourself rubs off on other people.The only way to build up your self-worth is to talk to yourself differently.
It is also true that those are not the right women for you anywase!I can’t tell you how many fat guys I know that have girlfriends.
Seriously, one of my friends who was sought after by SO MANY men is now married to a HUGEA guy. If you hate your weight, and you feel as though it stands in the way ofA getting the girl you want, then you have to lose weight. The following video backs up that theory.The women in the video thought they were coming to meet a normal sized guy, but instead they end up meeting a fat guy. You can tell he has confidence and some game – so watch how the women react to that.Point?
If youA have the confidence, then you have a good shot of picking up women no matter what you look like.3. Can’t Get A Girlfriend Because I Have Social AnxietyWorried about how other people view you?

If you are still reading this page, then I would have to say yes.Always remember your desire to find a girlfriendA as you go out and seek help to overcome your social anxiety.
In fact, there are plenty of bald menA that are sex symbols.This is a self-esteem issue, not a bald issue.
So, stop worrying about your head of hair (or lack of it!)Do you believe you can’t get a girlfriend for another reason than listed here? Plus get an eBook titled ' 69 Tips To Help You Get Laid: A Guide For Men In A Relationship Who Want More Sex' as your first free gift. It gets me mad that I see all these relationships and I can’t help but wonder is it me? I can be as sweet as molasses and everything I mentioned above but I can’t get a single date. Geez, I even stayed under the same house with a single girl while I was staying with a buddy of mine from the Army and still couldn’t get a date (it was my buddies sister). Truly that did kind of hurt me a little because I bet if it was anyone else they could’ve been on a date and put in her butt the same day lol. She turned out to be a snob anyways who has way to high of expectations and I hate talking bad about a woman but in all honesty, she was a bitch ever since I found out she was like that, she was real pretty too.
I just keep a straight face and I’ll smile here and there if I see or think of something funny.
It really hurt my confidence so bad, but I always just told myself to look at the relationships and see how immature they acted and how irresponsible they were with each others trust. Thenjoy I finally got a girlfriend because she struck me a certain way that I felt different about so asked her out and we started dating and I thought 18 or 19 years of my life waiting for this girl was worth it, but was too good to be true. That cut my confidence even more when she left me while I was in Afghanistan and she was in college.

All those qualities of me that I listed is just ME nothing I felt like I needed to tack on or change, it’s just how I am. Not excessive jealous), hygiene is always priority, I dress nice, I USUALLY GIVE GIRLS COMPLIMENTS FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Like today I told a pretty waitress I liked her hair, that it was nice (and I always mean my compliments).
THERE GOES ANOTHER GUY WHO TRIES IT AND IT WORKS JUST FREAKING FINE!I have and still am reaching the point of being seriously pissed off that I can’t find some person I can at least just enjoy some time with and have fun.
I guarantee you I don’t have an anger problem because it takes A LOT to get me to that point. I’m tired of girls saying that like a little bad boy, but that bad chops down trees and other manly stuff and used to kill people for a living in the Army. I have a dark side that only comes out when I see fit.I dont hang around, look for, or cause trouble.
In other words, the facts (and often they are just limiting beliefs that you are holding) that are rolling around in your head may be giving you a bleak picture, but faith can move mountains and create the picture you want.
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