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Plan it, and Lay it OutYep, it's time to ask that seemingly-stupid, yet important question, "what do I want to grow next year?" This will be the foundation for your garden plan next year. Bookmark Those SitesIf you haven't already, visit the websites of several seed companies and order their print catalog. Review Those CatalogsWhether you're an experienced gardener or not, the thrill of sitting down in your most comfortable chair, with your favorite beverage, and a pile of new seed catalogs is a great wintertime tradition. Take Inventory of Your Current CollectionIf you are new to starting your own seeds, you won't have an inventory yet (don't worry, that will change in no time). Take Advantage of Seed-SwapsIf you don't belong to a gardening group or volunteer for a local community garden, here's one of the small perks of doing so-exchanging seeds with other gardeners. Set Up Your Dates and RemindersEqually as important as already having your seeds is knowing when to plant them, and having a system in place to remind you. Prepare Your Seed Starting ToolsAfter all that is finished, it's time to get your tools ready.
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I typically do this during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, since we are able to start spring seeds here as early as late December. Whether you go "old school" with a paper calendar, or "new school" (is that a phrase?) with an electronic calendar, it's nice to be reminded of critical planting dates. You have found a great group of ladies who will be here to support you every step of the way. Steve Kerton (1), Mick Bridge (5), and Ted Jelf trying to get into position ready for the start of an ON race. I've noticed in both printed catalogs and websites that they have become more than just seed sources. Today's modern technology allows you to put this info into your smartphone, tablet or other digital device.
Whether you purchase your seeds online, in a local store, or otherwise, having your seeds ahead of time will save you from missing your planting schedules. These ladies are wonderful and so supportive :) Wishing you all the best on your ttc journey!

Equipped with my phone and the notes app inside it, I recently bought some seeds at my local nursery, without wondering if I left one out or bought some I already had. You'll need a timer for your indoor grow lights, and these can be gotten fairly inexpensively now that the holiday supplies are in the stores.
You can also get quite creative (I'm currently using a couple of shoebox-shaped cigar boxes, for example). If you need to order anything online, now's the time to get it, as shipping times tend to be longer.

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