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But, like everything on this wild and crazy fertility journey, it brings its own set of side effects. I'm not the most patient person to begin with, but the progesterone has pushed me to a whole new level of intolerance and impatience. I eat just about every two hours during the day, and have been good for two smaller but legit lunches almost since the progesterone shots began I'd say about four days in. The injection sites right above my butt and right below my muffin top, on each side are itchy during the day and also incredibly sore. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The web-based questionnaire entitled "An updated survey on the use of progesterone for luteal phase support in stimulated IVF cycles" was posted on the IVF-Worldwide website on May 24and was open for data entry until and June 26, 2012.
The aim of this survey was to study the current clinical practice for luteal phase support in stimulated ART cycles.It is undisputed that progesterone is needed to support the luteal phase.
In almost two-thirds (77%) of cycles reported, vaginal progesterone alone is used for luteal phase support (LPS), In another 17% of cycles, combination of vaginal progesterone with IM progesterone or oral progesterone is being used. The most commonly used vaginal progesterone is vaginal tablets which is used in 45% of cycles. In 15% of cases where the patient conceives, progesterone is administered until pregnancy is confirmed.
If you undergo in vitro fertilization, your doctor typically gives you the hormone progesterone to help create a favorable environment for an embryo to implant and to help support an ongoing pregnancy.
Most women experience only mild side effects from taking progesterone as part of IVF treatment because they use it for a relatively short time. When progesterone is prepared in a liquid form for injection in the muscle, the liquid used to carry the progesterone is an oil.
Vaginal progesterone administration has fewer side effects than intramuscular administration, but it also produces lower progesterone levels on blood tests, providing less reassurance to the patient and physician that local uterine progesterone levels are high enough to support the pregnancy.

Rarely, patients may experience life-threatening side effects from progesterone use related to the formation of blood clots. Reproductive BioMedicine Online: Progesterone Support in IVF: Is Evidence-Based Medicine Translated to Clinical Practice? Since there may not be enough progesterone made by the ovary during an IVF cycle (and especially an FET cycle like mine), more progesterone is often given. The few, light hairs on my upper lip and chin have turned into an almost-full-on mustache and beard of dark, thick hair. This side effect has been part of every single medication and hormone I've taken over the course of my fertility journey. However, at present there are several progesterone preparations available: vaginal, IM, and oral. 42 IVF- centers reported between 1000 and 2000 cycles, 14 IVF- centers reported between 2001 and 4000 cycles, and only eight IVF-centers treated more than 4000 cycles per year.
Progesterone can be given in several different ways; two common routes are as a vaginal suppository or an intramuscular injection in the hip.
You may experience headaches, bloating, irritability, breast tenderness, sleepiness, depression and mood swings. Although progesterone in oil has not been approved for use in IVF by the Food and Drug Administration, some physicians still prefer giving progesterone in this traditional form because it causes higher progesterone levels in the blood than with other methods of giving progesterone. If progesterone is administered as a suppository or vaginal cream, vaginal irritation is a possible side effect.
If you develop a blood clot, symptoms might include persistent pain in the calf, shortness of breath, acute chest pain or coughing up blood.
That includes progesterone injections this cycle, which I’ll take for a full 9 weeks if I am pregnant. I sure have gained some serious sympathy for people who struggle with their weight, because this sucks.

In 44% of cases progesterone is administered until 8-10 weeks of gestation and in 28% it is given up to 12 weeks or more.
For more than 20 years, she has published scientific findings in peer-reviewed journals such as "Endocrinology" and "Fertility & Sterility" and also written on the topic of ethics in reproductive medicine.
If the pregnancy test is positive, progesterone is continued for the first nine to 12 weeks of pregnancy until the placenta makes enough progesterone by itself to support the pregnancy.
Because these symptoms can be caused by either an oncoming period or pregnancy, women are encouraged to stay on their post-IVF medications until after the pregnancy test. You also might experience stroke symptoms, such as sudden blindness, sudden headache, vomiting, dizziness with or without fainting, sudden weakness in the limbs or speech problems.
Not fitting into my clothes is frustrating, and I'm hesitant to buy new because I keep hoping I'll be pregnant next cycle! There is an increase in the use of vaginal progesterone, and if the patients conceived the use of progesterone is now being shortened.
Some have an allergic reaction to the oil, developing hives, rashes or painful lumps at the site of injection.
Any such symptoms of a possible blood clot or stroke require immediate emergency medical attention. The analysis was based on the number of IVF cycles reported by the unit and not on the number of units in the study. Women who experience these symptoms should let their doctor know so they can switch to another progesterone treatment.
For each question, the survey provided multiple choices from which only a single answer could be chosen ("radio buttons").Between May 24 and June 26, 2012, 481 IVF units from 82 countries responded to the survey.

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