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Once your belly starts popping out, it's tough to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans because you'll have to wear them lower, under your belly and they may fall or simply not button up at all. BellaBand Organic - BellaBand can be worn over your pre-pregnancy jeans to help hold them up, even unbuttoned. Invisible suspenders from the Niva Designer Pregnancy Collection: This is a unique and functional way to hold up your pre-pregnancy jeans. Made out of premium organic cotton and microfiber, provides comfort and support for your belly with utmost elegance and adds style and pizzazz to your wardrobe and supports the active mom-to-be A user-friendly alternative to a maternity belt, this band provides extra belly and lower back support. However, there are some things you can try that will help you wear your pre-pregnancy jeans just a little bit longer.
The band can also be worn to hold up too loose maternity jeans and to help you wear your pre-pregnancy jeans again after you give birth.

Invisible suspenders clip securely to the waistband of your jeans, or other garments and will prevent them from sliding down. It's time to say goodbye to those itchy, chemical smelling, faded hospital gowns that have been used over and over again and say hello to style and comfort.
This new maternity Belly Band not only makes clothing fit better, but it also aids in safe exercise by properly supporting the belly.
The snap-open back allows for easy access for medical procedures Are easy to wash and can be used over and over again This non-organic gown is more affordable than our organic options They've been worn by the hottest celebrities, including Bethenny Frankel and Cameron Diaz! Made from ultra-soft microfiber fabrics woven with seamless technology the pieces stretch in all directions providing an exceptional fit for any active lifestyle. The construction and design of this belly band is to ensure optimal comfort and to allow moms-to-be to continue a fit and beautiful lifestyle throughout their pregnancy.

The off the shoulder snaps on both sides allow for easy breastfeeding and immediate skin to skin contact with your new baby. A woman's pregnant body needs customized support which starts with the right foundation pieces.100% natural organic cotton for extreme softness.

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