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Through my books and programmes you can get laser clear guidance on your life and business path.
I first created this audio relaxation in 2003 to help to clear away limiting beliefs and blocks to Success, whilst you relax, or better still, whilst you are asleep! Over time, you take on board beliefs about yourself and the world that you get from from family, siblings, teachers, society, your environment and your experiences. Clear Limiting Beliefs allows you to gently clear away those non-serving beliefs to reveal the TRUE YOU, that is a BEING of love, joy, peace, abundance and SHINING, AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT GREATNESS.
Designed to allow you to quickly, easily and gently remove unwanted, unhelpful blocks that may have had a lasting effect in your life.

It targets any blocks, whether you know what they are or not, and allows you to remove them, so that you can live your life without the chains that may have been holding you back. Let the lovely healing music and soothing voice gently work on dissolving your limiting beliefs while you sleep. It really is a case of Less Effort can equal much Better Results and the great thing is you can do this without needing to drag up the pain of the past.
At the same time, you are going to be able to let the stress melt away, get a great night's sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and full of creative energy, so you can achieve your goals much faster. You can dream bigger than you have ever dreamt before, get a deep connection to your dreams and manifest them in your life in the way that is uniquely feminine.

That way you are not trying to consciously interfere with the healing process and can simply allow your all-wise, all-knowing Higher Self to release what is no longer relevant to you. You do not have to focus on anything, such as your breath or a mantra or on clearing your mind. You can clear out old issues and beliefs, which may have previously held you back and be inspired to live as empowered and abundant.

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