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Throughout their investigation, the organization determined that not enough evidence is revealed to recommend that expectant women, infants or children receive iron supplements or subjected to screening for iron deficiencies. These recommendations come from an untouched appraisal in 2006, but this study finds no evidence to support routine screening. The PDA prohibits discrimination in all aspects of employment, including hiring, firing, promotion, pay, and other employment benefits. You cannot be fired for filing a complaint against your employer if you believe she or he has violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
If you take pregnancy or maternity leave, your employer must hold open your job the same amount of time a position would be left open for an employee who is on leave because of sickness or disability.
So what should you do if you believe your employer has discriminated against you because of your pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition? Don’t wait if you want to file a charge: In most cases, you must file within 180 days of the discriminatory action to preserve your legal rights. Write down what happened — the date, time, and place of the incident — as soon as possible. If you are interested in speaking with an attorney, your local bar association can offer you a referral. Unfortunately you may never know the reason you did not get hired, a promotion, or a pay raise was because you are pregnant or have an infant or other family responsibilities. I do not recommend suing your boss for a myriad of reasons, one being the stress, strain, and demoralization that occurs when are forced to defend your good actions. If you do decide to complain about pregnancy discrimination, make sure you have documentation, witnesses and that you are fulfilling your job requirements (all of which I did and I had—and it was still very difficult). Women’s organizations helped me tremendously (in finding a law firm willing to take my case, with support and encouragement, and many organizations, including many branches of AAUW, even boycotted the business, which made a more powerful impact than we ever expected).
Now, I am also someone who has been the employer of women who felt that they should not have to work as effectively (or even have to work for their pay, for that matter) due to their pregnancy and who didn’t think they should have to come back to work after an extended and extremely generous leave in which we kept their job open for them (at great stress to the business and other employees).
The data in the second review confirmed that  no evidence has been shed that iron supplements have improved growth or development.

However, it is also imperative to note that although, there is also not enough evidence to suggest against this practice, this shows that, while taking an iron supplement may have no contrary health effects, there may be no cause to take the supplements either. Generally, a healthy pregnant woman who does not exhibit symptoms of low iron, does not require more than the 27 milligrams or iron daily.
Fortunately, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects the rights of the millions of working women in the United States who will become pregnant at some point in their lives, but many still struggle to have their rights respected. It prohibits policies that limit or prevent women from doing jobs simply because they are fertile or pregnant but also forbids policies that disparately impact women because they are pregnant or able to become pregnant.
If you work for an organization with fewer than 15 employees, check with your regional Department of Labor Women’s Bureau office to see if your state has an agency that can assist you.
An employer cannot refuse to hire you because of your pregnancy as long as you are able to perform the functions of the job and also cannot ask you if you are pregnant or plan to have children. Some courts have held that religious organizations or ones working with youth may discriminate against employees who violate the organizations’ principles condemning premarital sex. You have the right to file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces many anti-discrimination laws, including the PDA.
You can file a charge even if you do not work for your employer anymore, and you do not need to hire a lawyer. Keep copies at home of your job evaluations and any letters or memos that show that you’re doing your job well. Discrimination at work is a difficult thing to face alone, and the process of fighting back can be very stressful. Your boss’ will claim your bad work ethic, your bad attitude, etc was the reason you did not get the job, promotion, or pay raise. But we worked hard and laws were changed, penalties increased, and protections strengthened for all women including pregnant working women.
Pregnancy is not an excuse to not be a good employee and to not complete fair work for the pay we are receiving. The UPSTF review of the latest research on iron supplementation and screening for pregnant women, babies and young children said.The US Preventive Services Task Force (UPSTF) has released  2 new draft endorsements that demonstrate intake of iron supplements during pregnancy has no noteworthy health conclusions for both the mom and her unborn child.

Researchers analyzed evidence from 11 trials on pregnant women who were taking iron supplements routinely.
However, these employers would need to demonstrate that they do not treat men who are engaged in premarital sex differently than women who are. Your boss may criticize your performance later on in order to defend his or her discrimination. Muster all your strengths, get a coach (shameless self-promotion) and create a plan to right a wrong, find another employer, focus on your strengths. When you win, you may only receive what you should have received in the first place (less some of the expenses not compensated) and then you will have to rebuild or reinvent your career.
This showed that the iron had no effect on the women’s C-sections rates,  quality of life , preterm birth or infant death  and underweight newborns. But at most organizations, pregnancy-related benefits cannot be limited to married employees.
They will be useful if you decide to file a complaint with your company or take legal action.
We damage the progress we have made when we abuse the protections and accommodations we receive.
However, because of the positive benefits of iron in the human body, there are some who are a little unconvinced of this research. And we should never forget that we have rights and sometimes we need to stand up and defend them (perhaps as the complainant, but more often as the co-worker, friend, or caring stranger who stands beside the complainant in their battle). Furthermore, while this data is pretty much clear cut, it is significant to notice that no tests were done on the importance of screening for iron deficiency.

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