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The Mumanu® Pregnancy Pillow makes the ideal mother’s day present, baby shower present or birthday present for all pregnant women and new mums (or even dad who wants to get more comfortable).
By placing your fully inflated Mumanu pillow under your buttocks, to raise your hips up evenly, you will take the pressure off your back and veins.
Alternatively (and especially after 34 weeks to help baby into an ideal position for birth), you can make love using your Mumanu® Pregnancy Pillow in the conventional way lying, with you on your side and your partner spooning you (since your Mumanu® goes under your top leg and NOT between your knees).This also leaves your partner free to move into other positions without you needing to change your position.
Beautiful woman with her daughter both wearing swimming suit are taking a shower on deck of cruise ship. Women love to pamper themselves and it is even better when you can pamper them. Take a choicest pick of her favorite skin lotions, bath bombs, hand cream, body softeners etc. If your special one has a penchant for beautiful watches then it is a great option. Designer vintage watches are absolute winners so try and buy her a vintage watch by her favorite designer.
Women love chocolates! So gift her a collection of her favorite chocolates in a beautiful basket along with a card expressing your love for her. If you know she loves doing up the house then nothing can be a better gift for her. A rare antique vase or a beautiful vintage table will help you impress her.
Certainly this day needs to be celebrated in a special way wherein she celebrates the day with lots of fun but does not feel stressed or tired. Gifting her some nice piece of clothing will be a really wonderful gift for the ‘growing woman’. Once the baby’s arrival is announced, most of the women get too occupied with medication, diet, exercise, etc. Considering the fact that pregnancy brings with it pain in legs and a general inability to bend, a foot spa makes a great gift to pamper her. What else can make a better gift than a bag full of healthy snacks for a woman who wants to eat every hour without putting on oodles of weight? If your birthday mother- to -be is fond of reading then gifting her some good books is a great idea. I was a bit sceptical about the whole pregnancy massage as I've heard different stories from other places, but after visiting Mumanu, I felt amazing and so relaxed afterwards. A woman cannot be called a woman if she does not have great taste in fine jewelry and you know for sure that every woman loves jewelry. So go ahead and indulge her!

Everybody adores a great smelling woman. Take your pick from wonderful fragrances by Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Ralph Lauren, Dior and the likes and indulge her!
By gifting her a fabulous collection of makeup you reinforce the fact that you love everything about her. So see her face light up with your thoughtful gestures! She is already elated as her tiny tot is growing in her tummy and making her feel special and then comes birthday. You can gift her foot spa voucher or can arrange for a surprise foot spa visit on the eve of her birthday. Taking her to foot spa and bringing her back with relaxed nerves, beautifully done feet and polished nails will really make her feel special on her birthday. Gift her things like nuts, a packet of oats, a packet of muesli, some other low calorie munchies like rice puffs, roasted grams, etc. Sometimes in the form of a mother, as a wife or even as a daughter a woman is infinite in her presence. A great buy would be a Cartier trinity ring which is elegant chic and uber stylish and it will be a gift like no other.
A designer handbag can never go wrong with the woman in your life. Let her take her pick from her list of favorite designers. A special day of her life which comes only once a year and this time has conjured up with the invisible teeny weenie, making her a center of attention among the family members and friends. Here we present you some of the gifts which will make the day for the pregnant birthday gal.
Obviously, with ever increasing weight even a petite woman can not fit in her earlier clothes. Remind the birthday girl about her beauty and the need to groom it by gifting her a nice makeup kit or some of her favorite makeup pieces. Sam was fantastic, gave me lots of advice to take home and I was well ready for a sleep once the massage was finished. So when it comes to showing the special woman in your life appreciation why not go for the best? Gifting a lipstick and a foundation almost always makes a great gift for any woman who wants to look good in a jiffy.

Highly recommend.Sharon Woolf "I suffer mild pelvic discomfort (after having four children) and was sleeping with pillows between my legs to ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep. I love the research that Sam has done with her pillow and I know that it is beneficial for a wide number of people – pregnant or not!” Charlie Saunders "I have to say this is the best purchase ever!!!
Sam has been totally awesome to deal with and very patient showing me the correct alignment and way to best set up my pillow.
Can’t wait to see her soon for a massage :o) ” Tash Lawrence Hi Sam,I am so glad I discovered the mumanu!! The first night with it was tough only because I had to find the right height that was comfortable, but every night after has been amazing! Of course as a pregnant woman I have to switch sides throughout the night, but now its easier to switch with lightweight mumanu pillow versus a regular bulky pillow. The best part is that the mumanu has eliminated my back and hip pain at night, which I truly have to thank you and the mumanu!!
Thank you and I will be sure to refer others to buy the mumanu!Kind Regards,Taryn "Massage and whole experience was wonderful and better than I imagined. Recommend to any mum-to-be!!!” Ashley, 27 weeks "Once again I am leaving feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable than when I arrived!
Sam’s massages are sensational- perfect pressure, lovely setting and always some helpful advice. Thanks again.” Katie, 37 weeks "I wanted you to know that I found it incredibly hard to feel positive about my pregnancy, having miscarried last February, until I came to Sam. My massage at 34 weeks with Sam didn’t just relax me, it also affirmed me in a way that meant that I was able to enjoy the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy.

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