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October 3, 2014 Pregnancy Week By Week Sharetweet11 weeks pregnant13 weeks pregnant When you are 12 weeks pregnant, your baby’s brain is entering an intensive development phase.
Staying away from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, and eating well will promote your baby’s development into a healthy child both during pregnancy and after.
You can learn more about miscarriage statistics week by week here.Many choose to start announcing the big news.
But right now, measuring the length of the fetus is an excellent way of estimating your due date.The biggest thing for your little one this week is the developing reflexes.
Between week 12 and week 18 and later between week 24 and 36, brain development is particularly rapid and sensitive.

It can not only be fun to meet other women who are close to you in their stages of pregnancy, but also very informative now as you are going to be a new mother. I want to put it off until after the nuchal fold screening test next week.Tired again…Are you also 12 weeks pregnant?
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