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Generally, during the first trimester, it is pretty normal for a pregnant woman to gain a half and one kilogram of weigh per month.
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As you already experiencing the pregnancy symptoms, you may have lost your weight or have it on the same scale as before pregnancy. Here we will mention a myth that suggests that you should eat for two which means that you have to eat for yourself as well as for that little life growing inside your body.

Let us have a look at what are the different things that happen in this particular week with you, your baby and your partner. It is a good thing to stop eating junk food and rely on fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body fit and healthy. Where you keep yourself busy with friends, or playing golf or working out at the gym, you need to pay attention to your partner too.
In this particular week, the fingernails appear on the fingers of your baby and her irises also forming.

At every stage of pregnancy, she depends on your support and help so make sure you are always there whenever she will need your help.

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