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August 15, 2011 By corrie 40 Comments Over the weekend I had to go through my photos for a magazine story I’m participating in. And of course those of you who know me or have read this blog long enough will also know that I look at these photos longing for just one more pregnancy. I have to admit I never really enjoy being pregnant – I am too anxious, and always just want it to be over so I know my little one is here safe and sound. I just never did pregnancy well, sick the whole time & so uncomfortable, much rather the new baby thing. I think I will always be envious of preggy bellies, I loved being pregnant, and being huge, and feeling the kicks, even with my second who never stopped wriggling and often kept me awake all night. I’m right there with you Corrie,I too LOVE a pregnant belly,especially a twin pregnant belly!!!!!
Video: pregnant twins naturally, Becoming pregnant twins naturally highly , factors improve chances. It was fun, embarrassing and a trip back in time to go right back to school photos of myself.

I love this photo because I had absolutely no idea of the journey ahead of me or the family we’d grow to have! I am often surprised to hear people talk about how they didn’t enjoy their pregnancies, I was very lucky I guess. But don’t actually enjoy being pregnant very much, funny how that works isn’t it? Both times.But I am so glad that everything went well with the second and third pregnancy and that we have two healthy children now. What a beautiful mom-to-be you were,and I’m not just talking about your pregnant belly!!!
I was matron of honour at my sister’s wedding and thankfully had seen these dresses on the Martha show and ordered them from the states. I still feel another would have been my perfect family, but now my son has four lovely children and with my daughters yet to have any I hope I still have more to come!
I would not take the risk of another pregnancy just for the joy of another 30 weeks of baby belly.

Pretty handy since bridesmaid dresses for lady pregnant with twins in Australia aren’t easy to come by. I just have him and am trying to have a second, so yes, pregnant bellies seem wonderful to me. I could skip the jelly belly I get in the early months but the big full on belly – I just love.
They brought back great memories of my own pregnancy for me when I felt like I had the biggest belly around!

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