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Click on a puppy name below (listed in birth order) to go to pictures of that puppy and links to each puppy's own page. Kelly Green puppy was the smallest boy at birth, but caught up soon, and at 7 weeks was right in the middle of the pack. Aversano-Boudria and her family on a farm with horses and other dogs, and will eventually become a therapy dog working with teenagers.
I know this was not what you were looking for but it is the only one I have of my girls when they were pregnant. Originally Posted by PeanutsMom View Post I searched photobucket and this Peaches in her preggo days.
Golden retriever Gerda  three days before deliveryPregnancy and delivery are not illness they are quite normal physiological processes. This is of Keeper and she was 5 weeks prego here, although we were VERY hopeful we still were not positive. Poor baby, it's like I'm looking at a picture of some other dog, she's just changed so much since then. You should not be alarmed or take it to heart – it won’t help, you should just make all necessary preparations. 2 weeks before conjectural delivery you can feel the puppies’ movements lying down a palm on the dog’s belly, and from my point of view it’s the only trustworthy indication of the pregnancy.
If delivery is easy the doctor will help you to remain calm (owners’ nervousness is very harmful for bitch in labour) and will examine the puppies and the dog after delivery.

But I know many cases when presumption has led to the dramatic and even tragic consequences. Long ago I have made a list of necessary things which must be prepared beforehand so that I would not be obliged to dash around the house in the last moment. A real hole under a tree or a stump, deep and spacious with an earthen roller at the entrance so that there won’t be damp inside.
Having felt that she is pregnant she chose the place and during each walk dug earth and made the hole comfortable. Gerda is the only Golden with whom I acquainted who has such a strongly developed mother’s instinct and all natural models of behavior.
The nest is always clean, the children are washed and fed and it’s a real problem to take her for a walk during first weeks after delivery. Even to feed her becomes a problem – she brings to the puppies every tasty bit even when they already begin to receive additional food.Gerda’s favourite place is on my bed, but all her four litters were born and grown up in the delivery room. So we had to put a box in the chair and she gave birth beside it.On the towels still holding a toy in her teeth and licking all over every puppy in the armchair permanganic acid amiflaynThe house should be clean. Getting ready for the delivery it is advisable to wash the floors with pink solution of permanganic acid and to sprinkle the puppets’ box with amiflayn.Newborn puppies need warmth.
Electricity was switched off, flashlight soon expired and only “golden classic” – candelabra saved the situation. Before giving birth a dog sometimes wanders from one place to another as if searching for “the fifth corner” that’s why to put an oil-cloth won’t present any difficulties.

I think that if a dog wants to give birth on a sofa let her do it, because she must feel herself comfortable. Drying a puppy you simultaneously give him a massagePrepare a garbage basket, a pail with pink permanganic acid solution, a broom, dust-pan and rags for cleaning the floorYou should have at hand threads and scissors. You can take any scissors but preferably with blunt ends then you’ll not be able to traumatize anybody accidentally.Some owners believe that a bitch must gnaw through an umbilical cord herself and eat several placentae. I also think that it’s better when a bitch gnaw through an umbilical cord herself but not all of them agree to do it. Placenta usually is born together with a puppy.A puppy is wet and very slipperyFirst of all you should remove the bladder and wipe the puppet’s mouth so that he could breathe, Then you tightly tie up the umbilical cord with a strong thread,cut it and throw placenta in a basket which was prepared beforehand. If you want to admire him wrap him in a soft dry diaper as he needs warmthYou’ll need a watch to register the time of birth. Electronic one is more convenient Several syringes Oxytocin (very dangerous in incompetent hands!) Write down all telephone numbers which you may need Find a tray where all instruments and other articles can be placed. Don’t forget about spirits for scissors’ sterilizationTake care of yourself – prepare valerian and cardiac facilities. Let’s hope that you won’t need them.Very often dogs begin to give birth at the most inconvenient time - about 4-5 in the morning.

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