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Chances are your girlfriends never got around to spilling the nitty-gritty details of what happens during labor.
Labor room pros say a new mom-to-be is often surprised that a doctor isn’t with her during the entire labor process.
Depending on how long you’re at the hospital before you give birth, you may interact with many different people. Depending on where you deliver, you may or may not automatically get an IV (a flexible catheter placed in your vein to drip in fluids and medication) during labor. Rather than just a quick injection, epidurals — which block the nerves in the lower half of the body, thus providing pain relief — are given with about a liter of fluid, the equivalent of drinking three cans of soda in half an hour. No matter what kind of labor your mother or sister had, neither you nor your doctor can predict how long or tough your first delivery will be. My wife Kathy is expecting our third son any day now, and her experiences during her current and past pregnancies bring up some important issues that all men and women, pregnant or not, should know about.
However, there are measures you can take prior to delivery to help you get back to the way you felt before you became pregnant.
In my book, Sleep, Interrupted I allude to a eureka moment when my wife helped me to realize what helped her to rid herself of her post-partum depression after our first two sons were born. As I explain exhaustively in my book, all modern humans are susceptible to upper airway narrowing and collapse due to various degrees. Pre-eclamspia and gestational diabetes are two common conditions during mid to late pregnancy. But despite numerous studies showing that women with pre-eclampsia can be effectively treated with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), it’s thought of as a rare oddity and has not gained attention as a very common way of treating pre-eclampsia. Women are recommended to sleep on their left side during pregnancy, presumably due to less pressure on internal vital organs and blood vessels by the growing fetus.
Similarly, many people with sleep-breathing problems already sleep on their sides or stomachs already for the following reasons: Due to various degrees of jaw narrowing, the tongue and voice box (which grow to their normal size), takes up too much space inside the mouth. However, once you fall off to sleep, and especially as you enter deeper levels of sleep, by definition, all your muscles, including your throat and tongue muscles, must relax. This is why when pregnant women gain weight, the fat cells in their throat will narrow the throat, and aggravate this vicious cycle. It’s also been shown that these same juices can go up into the nose, aggravating nasal congestion. This is why given these circumstances, gaining weight during pregnancy, albeit normal, should be gradual and moderated.
Progesterone is a hormone that vitally involved with a woman’s reproductive cycle (along with estrogen). For pregnant women, this slight muscle tone is, in effect, what helps them to counteract what could be a detrimental side affect to their weight gain during pregnancy. Studies have shown that tongue muscle tone is lower in post-menopausal women and increased significantly when progesterone is added.
Imagine the effects of diminishing progesterone just before womens’ periods, or during menopause, when progesterone begins to slowly drop beginning in the early 40s.
In retrospect, these factors severely affected the way my wife felt right after my first son was born.
Although pregnancy can impact the way you breathe, and thereby affect the way you sleep during and even after you deliver, there are simple ways to minimize the negative side effects and expedite your post-partum recovery process. The first thing you must do is to keep all your airway passages clear and congestion free and this includes your nose. If your nostrils collapse when you breath in, then nasal dilator strips (Breathe-rite is one brand), or internal nasal dilator devices (Nozovent, Breathewitheez, Nasalcones are three examples) may help. If you have any of the complications of pregnancy or if your fatigue is to severe to the point where you are incapacitated, a consultation with a sleep doctor may be warranted. Click here for Top 10 Tips from our expert fitness consultant, Tara Marie Segundo, on how to lose your post pregnancy weight quickly and easily.
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This section is where you will add or edit your mp3 files for people to listen to or download. The material on this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not and should not be relied upon or construed as medical, surgical, psychological, or nutritional advice. Eight out of 10 pregnant women are frightened of the prospect of giving birth, according to a survey.

Experts have suggested that much of this fear is due to the fact that very few women are now having a completely natural delivery. Nine out of 10 said they intended to have their baby in hospital because they feel it is a safer environment. The website has launched a virtual reality delivery suite to help women to allay their fears. It allows women to take a virtual tour of a suite, birthing pool room, special care baby unit and an operating theatre. The tour was filmed at Eastbourne District Hospital and at the Crowborough Birthing Centre in Sussex. Sarah Stone, editor of the website, said women needed to be informed about what will happen when they give birth. Belinda Phipps, chief executive of the National Childbirth Trust, said a study carried out by the charity had come up with similar findings. A South Florida mom gave birth clutching a wheelchair on a sidewalk early Friday morning outside a Boca Raton hospital -- and Miami-based birth photographer Emily Robinson captured the incredible moment in unforgettable images. Robinson's client Amy Beth Cavaretta, who along with her husband, Joe, is a photojournalist for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, had told Robinson she experienced a fast birth with her first daughter and handled pain well. The new mom told The Huffington Post that midwife Laurie Ross-Berke held the baby's head between her legs while her husband ran for a wheelchair, then caught adorable little Sienna Grace as she met the world right there on the sidewalk.
Cavaretta's favorite image is ours, too: Joe's face awash in "sheer joy," as he described it to us, the moment after his second daughter was born. UPDATE: After our story of Sienna's birth went viral, the family was featured on CNN and the Today show -- and were even the subjects of one of those Taiwanese news animations. Most hospitals have eight- or 12-hour shifts, so if you’re there for 36 hours, you might deal with three different nurses and three different doctors before the baby arrives. Some hospitals insert IVs as a matter of course to prevent dehydration and to save a step later should you need pain meds or Pitocin, a synthetic hormone that stimulates uterine contractions and is sometimes given after birth to speed up the delivery of your placenta.
That's because the medication can dramatically decrease your blood pressure if it's not delivered with fluids, and that can reduce your baby's heart rate. Even though poor sleep, nasal congestion, post-partum depression, and weight gain are almost an accepted part of pregnancy, these can be especially problematic for those women who struggle to bounce back way beyond their first year after pregnancy.
There are some important concepts related to pregnancy, that are often overlooked by many medical professionals but  if looked at from my sleep-breathing paradigm, explains why these events occur, and what you can do about it. What many of us don’t think about however is that when you gain weight in your abdominal area, the fat cells inside your tongue and throat area get enlarged as well. And because the airway is a uniquely dynamic apparatus that’s modified by any change in the soft tissues surrounding the area, weight gain can dramatically impact the rate of inspiration and expiration especially while we sleep, when the muscles and soft tissues lose tension and lose slack. These conditions are thought to be distinct clinical conditions specific to pregnant women. There are many studies that have reported an association between obstructive sleep apnea and these two conditions during pregnancy, but they are typically seen as occasional, isolated events.
These are the people who gag easily when a doctor presses the tongue depressor forcefully so that the back of the throat can be seen behind the tongue. With only 2-3 mms of opening, and with tongue muscle relaxation, your tongue will fall back, causing obstruction. During this process, if you happen to also catch a simple cold or suffer and allergy attack, the mild inflammation that occurs in the breathing passageways can further narrow the throat, aggravating more tongue collapse.
During a woman’s monthly cycle, estrogen helps to stimulate egg development and release, whereas progesterone promotes uterine health, to support any possible embryo development. The same thing occurs during pregnancy: progesterone shoots up during pregnancy and drops immediately after delivery. It took her almost a year before her post-partum depression resolved completely after our first son was born. If your nose is stuffy, the simplest thing to do is to apply nasal saline, which come in various nasal applicators from sprays to pumps to Water-Pik machines. There are various dental devices that are available for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, has been studied and found to be useful in a handful of small, preliminary studies.
This is obviously easier said than done, but there is a direct correlation between your persistent weight and how you will feel. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical regimen, exercise or diet program.

More than a third have an epidural, a quarter have induced births and almost half need stitches after the delivery. So Robinson figured it would be a good chance to follow a family from home to the hospital instead of meeting them inside. Because despite the blood, sweat, and tears that are all part of childbirth, amnesia sets in pretty quickly once that adorable baby finally arrives. Luckily, more and more hospitals and birthing facilities no longer make IVs routine, especially if the mom-to-be specifies in her birth plan that she’d like to avoid one.
Here's what happens during labor if you get an epidural: You can't get up to pee during the process, and afterward your nerves will be too numb to control your urine.
Besides the excess weight that they can’t seem to take off, many of these women find that their health and energy level are considerably worse off than it was prior to being pregnant. This fact alone can have significant consequences for pregnant women, during, and especially after pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia is a potentially dangerous condition where the mother to be develops severe high blood pressure with a risk of kidney failure, and death for the baby.
Doctors usually recommend dietary and lifestyle changes and then resort to medications when conservative options don’t work. But one thing to consider is that as women gain weight, if they go on to develop mild or significant sleep-breathing problems, by necessity, they naturally will prefer to sleep on their sides anyway.
For these people when they lie down flat on their backs, the tongue falls back partially due to gravity making the airway that much narrower. Most people will wake up consciously or subconsciously after a second or two, and then turn over to the side.
Once you obstruct, tremendous vacuum pressures in your throat causes mild amounts of normal stomach juices to come up into your throat, causing more inflammation and narrowing in the throat. One little known feature about progesterone that even many doctors aren’t aware of is the fact that it acts as an upper airway muscle dilator. During pregnancy, despite all the expected weight gain, progesterone (besides maintaining uterine health) prevents the tongue from falling back.
Another popular way of getting salt water into your nose is a Neti-pot, which is an Indian Alladin’s lamp-like container where you mix your saline and pour it into your nose.
Although not officially designed for use in pregnant women, these devices are not harmful for the baby and can only help the baby since it helps the mother sleep better. You may want to consider working with a healthcare professional (your medical doctor, dietician or trainer). Park's New Book --> Affiliate Links Here is where you can put the affiliate links to various products, or other advertising you may need.
And no matter how much moms-to-be read up on the subject beforehand, doctors, nurses, and midwives say there are still some experiences that surprise their patients on a regular basis. Disappointing, yes, but you’re really better off waiting it out in the comfort of your own digs. Even if you do end up with an IV, it’s important to keep moving, which will help your baby get in the best position to come out. At that point, say hello to your catheter (a small, flexible tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder), which allows you to go right where you are. But once a woman delivers and progesterone drops, you’re left with all the added weight of pregnancy without the added protection of progesterone. The devices mentioned during pregnancy may be appropriate for afterwards the delivery as well. The most important thing to remember is to expect the unexpected, since no birth ever goes exactly according to plan, and relinquishing some control over the process will go a long way toward easing your nerves. Try to walk a bit, and move around on a birth ball or squat, holding the railing of the bed. As annoying as it sounds, you won't feel the catheter while your epidural is in effect and it'll be removed once it's time to start pushing. Most people compensate partially by sleeping on their sides or stomachs, but this is usually not good enough. No wonder women have trouble sleeping the first few weeks after delivery (besides having to feed the baby every few hours).

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