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Use a good Sunscreen with a high Sun protection factor (SPF) to protect from hyper-pigmentation.Pregnancy gingivitis occurs, where in your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. Avoid it if you have high Blood Pressure.Now is the best time to visit your dentist and get your teeth thoroughly cleaned.
Leaning back in a dental chair in the following months will become difficult.What You Could Feel Like During Your Second Month of PregnancyThe rotating movements in the stomach continue even during this second month of pregnancy. On the positive aspects your NVP may start getting better during the end of the month as the HCG level begins to fall.
In this month even women who do not suffer from morning sickness are bound to feel tired out.

It has dangerous effects and can damage the brain and cause medical problems in an unborn child.
Here are some of them:The heart is clearly divided in two chambers (left and right) and has started pumping. One of the early signs of life inside you!The embryo has a tail when the fertilization occurs. If I am not pregnant then what is it?February 4, 2010 Reply Brittany Kennedy said:I need some help.
You have done a pregnancy test and it is negative, I presume that you have done urine pregnancy test, to get more confirmation you can do ultrasound of the pelvis which be helpful in diagnosing your pregnancy, the other test is of blood called Beta HCG it is also a confirmatory test.

If these tests are also negative than the symptoms which you are getting are of some other cause.

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