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While it wasn’t my first choice with all the unknown surrounding ultrasounds still, it certainly was reassuring to see our baby so often. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You have now officially completed your first trimester to enter the second, the favorite among most pregnant women. The growing organs like liver and kidney continue to practice their respective work of producing bile and urine while the spleen begins red blood cell production [1].
The brain is now developed enough to send regular impulses, so the facial muscles get a workout as your baby changes expressions from squinting, frowning and grimacing [4]. The connective tissues all along the fetus’s body start turning into bones as the ossification process begins [5]. The growth of the roof of the mouth is now complete while the facial muscles continue to grow. The transparent skin gradually gets covered with a thin layer of downy hair (lanugo) that maintains the fetal body temperature [7].
The skin around your abdomen, back and chest has already started to stretch to accommodate the constantly growing uterus [11]. Your growing belly is gradually starting to show as you are more likely to find maternity pants to be cozier than your regular pair of baggy jeans.
An ultrasound scan performed this week will show your baby moving his hands and legs while sucking on his tiny thumb [1].
Although some parents choose to find out about their baby’s gender by observing the genital organs through ultrasound during the 14th week, it is often too early for sex determination [5]. Your doctor might recommend having a triple screen test or maternal serum screening this week. The higher energy levels [10], increasing appetite [6] and receding morning sickness (nausea, vomiting) [15] are some of the best things about the beginning of the second trimester.
Now that you have entered the second trimester, chances of complications such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy have dropped substantially (over 75% of miscarriages occur within the first three months) [22]. In case of severe muscle and leg cramps, consult with your doctor regarding increasing your potassium and calcium intake.

Sorry the lighting is so bad in these pictures - it's started to get really dark here again in the afternoon! Miss anything? Not at the moment but I know that soon I will miss sleeping on my tummy!
The first day of my last period was Dec 30, 2012 I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks ago. After a loss at 20 weeks last year, and being 90% effaced with my daughter at 31 weeks, my doctors didn’t hesitate to whip out that wand and take a look to see just what was going on. I love looking at the progression of the development, so I’m sharing all of my 3D pictures thus far with you to take a look at. His legs are still folded, and at this point my doctor mentioned how far down my placenta was. It is often claimed to be the least problematic trimester among the three with milder symptoms and some positive physical signs. Male fetuses continue to grow the prostate while in female fetuses the ovaries start gradually to move into the pelvis [2]. The hardening of the bone is a long and complex procedure that continues after the baby is born and even into his adulthood.
The sucking reflexes of your baby help with the muscle growth, later forming the full cherubic cheeks [8].
This is also the week when hair sprouts on top of your baby’s head along with tiny eyebrows [9]. You can even feel the fundus or the very top of the uterus when you gently press down the area above the pelvic bone in the lower abdomen [12]. However, there are still a few weeks to go before anyone can notice that you are pregnant [14].
This serum test is used for checking the fetal development as well as screening for birth defects like Down’s syndrome [9].
Several other symptoms such as insomnia and frequent urination also start getting better as the uterus moves away from the pelvic bone and bladder [16], into a more proper place in the abdomen.
Some women claim that having some milk or fruits like bananas and strawberries can help ease the pain [17].

Our beautiful little prince, Eduardo Jonathan Saccone Joly was born April 9th 2014 at 13:12 weighing 7lbs 7oz. I havent got a ultra sound done yet but the doctor estimated my due date to be around October 6th. Mostly the ultrasounds were to monitor my fluid and cervix, which are still normal, but all it took was a button to switch from 2D black and white to 3D ultrasounds.
I’ll try to explain each as best I can, since some of them are a bit hard to see definition and one looks like I have a flat child. I have had 2 sonograms done and only see one baby but who knows i guess ill have to wait n see.. The windpipe, esophagus, vocal cords and larynx are already in place, set to undergo further development. The growing neck helps to lift the chin from the chest while the eyes and ears are almost in their final positions [6]. However, the color and texture of the hair is likely to change completely after your baby is born. Make sure to make healthy food choices to avoid any unwanted weight gain, especially now that your food aversions have finally started to go away. You might start showing early if you are carrying twins, or this is your subsequent pregnancy. A Doppler ultrasound will allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat, which is a fast fluttering sound at the moment. My perinatologist (MFM) is amazing and has done that every time we’ve been in to see her, then given us a picture to take home.
However, it is not possible for your baby to make any sound as he is floating in amniotic fluid [3].
The ideal weight gain at this stage ranges between 5 pounds and 8 pounds or even less for obese women [13].

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