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Web drama 'Bells' is considering taking legal action againstKangin.According to an insider,Star J Entertainment, the producers of 'Bell's, is currently reviewing legal action against Kangin. Senior EditorAs a Senior Editor of Pret a Pregnant, The Mom & The Dad, Muriel knows all ins and outs about the fashion and kids industry. During your pregnancy and once your little angel is there you want to capture everything everyday and everywhere.

Is it gonna be a banana smash, sweet potato  dish or a fresh smashed avocado for you little one's first feast? There are so many cute and super fashionable items for baby boys, but don’t forget about the basics. Today we have rounded up some basics your baby boy ‘needs’ in his wardrobe such as basic blue leggings, lots of bodies in basic colors, comfy jeans and a classic jacket.

Try to invest on these basics, because you will wash them all over again so good quality is a must.

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