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Fetal ultrasound - 6 months - babycentre, What your baby looks like - six months into your pregnancy. What expect expecting 6 months pregnant, What expect expecting 6 months pregnant?. 2 months pregnant, body & feelings 6-10 weeks, An informative post mothers condition month pregnancy.
9 weeks pregnant - pregnancy week week, At 9 weeks pregnant, learn about your baby's development, pregnancy symptoms, dental care and dads in pregnancy.. Belly photos 7 weeks pregnant - verywell - , At 7 weeks pregnant showing simply bloated?

It doesn’t matter if I eat only vegetables and lean protein one week and an ice cream every night the next.
I don’t mind the weight gain until I try to walk with my husband to the car and have the urge to scream at him to slow the heck down, or when I exercise and get super sweaty after a 15-20 minute walk. I’m trying to remember that everything I do is with a 20 lb weight attached to my chest and belly, which is the only place I’ve gained weight so far. Sabrina, the writer behind the healthy living blog RhodeyGirl Tests, is expecting her first baby this September with her husband Trig. I gained like you – all out front (though my total gains were 23 and 27 pounds for my two pregnancies).

I naively thought I could control it- much like I’ve controlled my weight for the last few years (before & after pics here). I think that makes it more difficult because your spending energy trying not to topple over lol. I will admit that I really, REALLY hope I’m one of those people who gains most of her weight in the 2nd trimester and then starts to level off a bit in the 3rd.

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