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Before becoming pregnant, Hawkins faced fears because of her age and the fact that she is newly single.
Hawkins says her age was not a concern for doctors because she had frozen embryos at the age of 31, was in good physical health and had a healthy first child. The “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” singer, who identifies as omnisexual, says now she is more than ready to raise a baby alone. I was trying to figure out if any celebrities have carried their own babies post 50, and I don’t think they have. No one knows the capability of older women to conceive naturally because they are almost always with men their own age or older who are significantly less fertile than their younger counterparts.
My OBGYN told me that the highest numbers of unplanned pregnancies occur in teenage girls and women older than 40.
My doctor always told me that unless you’ve gone through menopause, stay on birth control unless you want a baby, regardless of your age. Personally I would never have a child past the age of 40 (cause it would hurt to birth a 40+ year child – I kid you). I just want to add that being in my mid-40′s and not on anything (husband had a vasectomy) has been one of the most liberating times of my life. Maybe your doctor could talk your husband into having a vasectomy assuming, of course, you’re sure about not having kids. I’ve asked more than one doctor about a withering sex drive and all of them have said that it was more than likely due to my bc pill (even the lowest dose hormone affects a tiny woman like me).
Wow, I can’t imagine for myself, but it sounds like everything is going well for her and this is what she really wants, so congrats and best wishes to her! Personally, I could never take the increased chance that my kid would end up without me at a very young age, and with no dad around, it scares me even more.

She conceived naturally and has 2 nearly grown kids that are perfectly healthy, mentally and physically.
Studies on age and male fertility have really just begun and they’ve found women under 25 usually take forever to get pregnant when paired with men 40+.
So a 50-something getting pregnant is out there, but (clearly as your great granny illustrates) possible.
The same thing has occurred in my family – my dad was 43 when he died, leaving 5 children aged 2 -15. I adore not being on any brith control and still being very much fertile, feminine and sexual. The reason it would be better for your husband to have a vasectomy rather than you have your tubes tied is because the vasectomy is much less invasive than it is for a woman to have her tubes tied. The mirena is good but it has definitely decreased my libido and I still get PMS pain like I did when not using anything. I wonder if she’ll get the same type of backlash and snippy comments from women that Kim Fields did? That’s a doozy to get pregnant at 50 but I read in news last year that one 70 yr old woman in India got pregnant and had a girl too through IVF! And, not to be negative, but I’m 58 now, and see a huge increase in aches and pains and lack of stamina from when I was 50. While it may sound incredibly risky to be pregnant at the age of 50, Hawkins is pregnant from one of the embryos she had frozen from nearly 20 years ago. My seemingly fit and healthy brother died from a massive heart attack at age 37, leaving two boys, 12 and 13.
The biggest plus to doing it alone, for me, was not feeling alone whilst actually in a relationship.

I probably sound selfish, but having a child at 50 is as appealing as putting my head in the oven.
My own hubby died, too, although he was quite a bit older than me, leaving me to raise 3 kids with no help, although I’m not complaining. I live in a large metropolitan area of 2+ million people so hearing about some instances like that does not surprise me. Hawkins tells People that she’s not too worried about being an older lady raising children alone because she has a great support network and she feels healthy.
Women in their late 30s are twice as likely to conceive if their partner is under 40 vs 40 and over. But having someone there who is just as excited as you are by a first poop is pretty great. When i was 37, I had a consult about getting my tubes tied but they gave me such a hard time about it, I decided to wait. I had my son at 38 (I’m a one-hit wonder) and the father is not in the pictur except when he sees him at holidays but no support in anyway, I have a lot of support, love, and help he a fantastic kid!
He said he wanted me just the way I am and did not want to risk any changes to me (loved that he said that BTW!

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