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Ruptured membranes, generally known as your waters breaking is when the fluid (membrane) that holds the baby ruptures prior to or during labour. With the membranes ruptured there is a risk of infection and therefore your doctor will asses if this is necessary.
Contractions come in two types, labour contractions and Braxton Hicks contractions (which you may have experienced previously during your pregnancy). True labour contractions generally start at the top of your uterus and continue to spread over the entire uterus. In Early Labour it is Fine to Stay at Home, However it is a Good Idea to Time Your Contractions.
The first stage (early labour) consists of your uterus contracting rhythmically, the cervix thinning and beginning to dilate and your baby’s head flexing onto the chest.
The contractions during this early stage of labour will be mild and like period cramps, gradually getting stronger, longer and closer together.
Usually it is safe to remain at home at this point of the pregnancy although keep in contact with your hospital, and always call prior to your arrival.
During the accelerated phase of the first stage of labour (active labour) your contractions will establish a pattern and your cervix could be dilated anywhere from 4 to 8cms. Contractions at this point will be much more noticeable and last up to 60 seconds, approximately 3 to 4 minutes apart.

During Stage 1, Advanced Labour, You Will Experience Very Strong Contractions Lasting up to 90 Seconds. Transition or advanced labour is when your cervix is dilated from 7 to 10cms (fully dilated) and your baby’s head is flexed and deep into your pelvis. During this stage your uterus may even make mild pushing efforts – you may have the urge to push at the height of each of your contractions and have anal pressure from your baby.
You will experience very strong contractions lasting up to 90 seconds, unfortunately nausea and vomiting are common at this stage and are to be expected.
Your baby’s shoulders and body are born on the following contraction, after the head is born.
Your baby will be placed onto your chest immediately following the delivery for important skin on skin time. The last part of labour – stage three is the delivery of the placenta as it separates from the wall of the uterus.
Sometimes the father or support person likes to cut the cord, but if they are not comfortable the obstetrician does it.
No matter what you experience, do what is best for you and remember that you have plenty of support! While the majority of your baby is fully formed, the lungs, brain and nervous system continue to develop; as a matter of fact the lungs will be last to reach maturity.

At this stage of pregnancy, your baby is continuing to accumulate lots of meconium for when your baby has its first bowl movement after birth.
The midwives at your hospital will also keep a close eye on you including checking your blood pressure, temperature, pulse, contractions timing, baby’s heart rate and a vaginal examination prior to pain relief. Your cervix will be fully dilated (10cms) by stage two and as you might have guessed, this is the pushing stage. Some women find the pain to be very intense, where others say that they had a fairly straight forward and pain free labour. Interestingly your baby is approximately 51 cms from head to toe and in the next couple of weeks may or may not increase in length! A little fact that you may not know is that your baby’s head circumference is approximately the same size as its abdomen!

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