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It's easier now to think of your baby as a real person, especially if you see him on another scan around this time. Tell us your due date to receive our daily newsletter and find out what is happening in this day of your pregnancy!
When the going gets tough, follow these tips to help your marriage during the stressful newborn months.
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You are using Internet Explorer 6 or older, which is no longer fully supported on this site. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. On the pads of the fingers the ridged pattern of the baby's fingerprints, his personal badge of identity, is becoming apparent.2. Get shopping and safety tips for choosing a bassinet, play yard, or other crib alternative that will fit in your bedroom, per AAP guidelines. So even though pregnancies are said to be 40 weeks long, you actually carry your baby for only 38 weeks or so. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional.

You'll be taking your maternal responsibilities very seriously, but don't let anxieties build up. Talk over any worries you may have with your partner and your doctor; many pregnant women also seek comfort and advice from their own mothers. A little fat has started to cover the baby's body but he still looks very skinny and his head appears too large for his fragile neck.6.
Cell division begins at breakneck speed.Though it's very early in your pregnancy, things are definitely happening! Once the "winning" sperm (one of 200 million or so contenders) has penetrated your egg, the egg shuts down, admitting no more sperm. Two sets of cell nuclei fuse together inside the egg, assigning your baby—now called a zygote—a gender, eye and hair color and more than 200 other genetically determined characteristics.Your Growing BellyBe sure that you're taking good care of your baby. The embryo is 1?16 to 1?8 inch long “crown to rump” (the measurement that’s used until week 13). The brain and face are developing rapidly, and nostrils and lenses of the eyes begin to form. The fetus begins doing occasional breathing movements, although it gets oxygen through the umbilical cord. During the first few weeks, progesterone causes milk glands to develop and estrogen stimulates growth of the milk ducts.
Breasts typically expand one or two bra cup sizes, veins get darker, and nipples get larger, more erect and darker so that eventually, the baby can find them easily.Your weight gain may be picking up—though don't worry if you haven't gained any by now.

If you have a positive screen and are not comfortable with the odds, you may opt for a diagnostic test to determine if your baby has a defect. It's a good idea to carry a beverage with you wherever you go, to keep your fluid levels up. If you had a womb camera, you'd be able to see your baby's proportions changing, with the growth of the head slowing down to let the rest of the body catch up. Arms, legs, and fingers are also growing out and tapering to look more like a newborn's, and your baby's posture becomes less curled and more upright.Your Growing BellyThis is about the time the muscles of your stomach slow down, making your stools harder and drier and making you gassier. Your hips are actually widening to make more room for your uterus to grow.With one week to go in your first trimester, you may feel more like your pregnancy is real. The magic end of the first trimester is at hand, which means it'll soon be time to tell your boss, co-workers, and distant relatives about your condition, if they haven't figured it out already.
The fetus begins to hear sounds in your body (such as your heart beating) and may even startle at loud noises.

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