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If you have an ultrasound during the 3rd trimester, the technician might measure your baby’s head, stomach, and femur to estimate her weight (She probably weighs more than 6 pounds now). The last few weeks of your pregnancy are an exciting time, which could lead to the occasional sleepless night.
Your baby might move down into your pelvis, so some of your late-pregnancy symptoms could go away. While you might feel less pressure in your upper body, you could feel more pressure on your bladder. During your 37th week, you, your partner, your baby, and your doctor are making final preparations for your baby's arrival. A check for vision changes such as blurred eyesight or seeing spots, which could be preeclampsia symptoms. Between weekly appointments, let your doctor know if you experience vaginal bleeding or greenish-brown discharge, constant and severe abdominal pain, or decreased baby movement.

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Big dinners might make you drowsy, but they also could prolong digestion, which can disrupt sleep patterns. Choose a light grain-and-dairy snack, such as crackers with low-fat cheese and fruit, or low-fat yogurt with toast and apple butter. His brain will be helping him refine breathing, improve digestion, regulate his heart rate, and prepare for eating.

Your baby's head is now cradled in your pelvic cavity -- surrounded and protected by your pelvic bones.
Week 37 is a good time to finalize the details of your birth plan and to take time to relax.
Dark-haired couples are sometimes taken aback when their children are born with bright red or blond hair, and fair-haired couples likewise can produce babies with dark hair. Your baby will swallow her lanugo and exterior coating, along with other secretions, and store them in her bowels. Its uncomfortable and I feel miserablely tired and sore to walk feels like she is goin to fall out.

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