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The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. She has toenails and fingernails and hair (we hope) and her skin is becoming softer and smoother as she gains more fat. My blood volume has increased 40-50% and the uterus now pushing against my diaphragm sometimes makes breathing a bit difficult.
I’m finally feeling the baby up in my rib cage and lots of movements up there so I am hoping that means she has moved head down!
I see you still have to paint, get the Low VOC paint so you and the little one are not inhaling a lot of fumes!!
My hips hurt so bad during the end of my third pregnancy that I had to slip sitting up in the recliner surrounded by pillows!
You are now well into the eighth month of your pregnancy and the day to meet your baby for the first time is not far now. Your baby continues to get plumper with the fat layer growing underneath his skin, while the downy hair or lanugo covering his body until this point is gradually disappearing [3]. Apart from the still-developing lungs, all the other major organs are done maturing, ready to start working the day your baby is born [4]. It is normal for babies at 32 weeks of gestational age to sleep around 90% of their time with short periods of activity.

It is normal for your baby to already settle into a proper birth position with his head down by the 32nd week [3]. In most cases, the monthly prenatal visits are likely to turn bi-weekly, or even weekly in the last stage of pregnancy [15]. She’ll be gaining nearly half her birth body weight in the next 7 weeks–oh boy! But maybe that’s because we’ve been running around like crazy people for Christmas for the past week and Ryan just had his SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!
Your baby’s chances of survival became pretty high once you completed the 30th week of your pregnancy [1] and by the 32nd week, your baby has over 95% chances of surviving without any long-term complication [2]. His fingernails completed their development by the 31st week while the toenails require a bit longer (35th-36th weeks) to grow [4].
Although your baby still receives all his necessary nutrients from the umbilical cord, his digestive tract has almost completed developing [6]. Your growing bundle of joy now has much less space to allow big, jerky movements; so, you might notice that his kicks and punches are getting less powerful than the earlier weeks [8].
However, there is nothing to worry about in case your baby still remains in a transverse (lying sideways) or breech (feet down) position as there is still plenty of time for him to turn [4].
The rising relaxin hormone levels, loosening the joints and muscles to prepare your body for childbirth, continue to make you clumsy, often causing you to drop things and bump into furniture [10].

During these visits, your doctor will routinely check your blood pressure, urine and assess any swelling or vision changes to look for any signs of complications like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure [16]. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Hospitals offering specialized Level 3 neonatal intensive care help to further increase the chances of survival by offering artificial ventilation to aid in the baby’s breathing after birth.
Most babies tend to become active late in the evening to early in the night, between 9 pm and 1 am, when the mother tries to get some sleep [9]. The amniotic fluid volume increases every week (1.5 liters at week 32), making it easier for your baby to move about and rotate within the womb [10]. Pregnancy hormones are also likely to affect your brain to some extent, leading to forgetfulness and ‘pregnancy brain’ [14]. That means her kicks and punches kind of… roll or glide across my belly, instead of being all stabby. You may also notice your breasts leaking a yellowish thick fluid (colostrum) in preparation for breastfeeding [15].

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