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Delivered right to your inbox, get pictures and facts onwhat to expect each week of your pregnancy. Just keep your hands on your belly and think about your little one, which will make a great difference, to you as well as to your baby. According to intrauterine child development studies conducted by Berlin University during 1998–2008, this week is the starting point of the fetus’ reaction to music and human voice. In pregnancy week 14, whatever you inhale or whatever you eat has the capacity to affect the normal growth of your baby. Therefore it is advisable for you to consult your healthcare provider and come up with the best diet for yourself and in turn for your baby. If you experience little gas or any kind of odd bowel obstruction when you are 14 weeks pregnant, then this is actually your little one pushing you to say hello. The increased amount of iron in your diet may also cause constipation and this is quite common. During the second trimester of your pregnancy, you will experience some of the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms, but not all. Similar to the morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy, these symptoms are present if you had them in your previous pregnancy. If you feel back pain at this time, you can be sure it will become more severe as you gain more weight till the end of the trimester.
Water retention is another pregnancy symptom that you experience when you are in week 14 of pregnancy.

Your waist becomes thick day by day and moves upward and you will be able to experience it more with each passing week. Sleeping problems may appear especially because with the uterus growing in size it will be a bit difficult to be comfortable. Remember that this is the time to consider buying a pregnancy pillow and if such an item is not available use small pillows placing them under your tummy and between your knees. Pregnancy massages are recommended starting this week and also pregnancy yoga is something you should consider to relieve the back pain.
As physical activity is concerned, if during earlier weeks you didn’t participate in the physical fitness program, make sure that you get your doctor’s permission before starting now. In week 14 pregnancy, your baby is about the size of three and a half inches long and weighs approximately three and a half ounce. The baby’s small body and flexible limbs are harmonized enough for the loads of difficult motions. Your little one’s body starts to move but you don’t feel it as their body is too small to create an impact that you can recognize. If you are above 35 years of age and got abnormal AFP (Alpha fetoprotein) results, then your doctor will recommend you amniocentesis test. In this procedure, a needle is placed through the uterus to get some amniotic fluid as this can contain the most essential information regarding the health of your baby, especially when you are in 14th week of pregnancy. If you feel sentimental and want to remember how you feel so that you can tell the story to your baby, it will be helpful to write down the thoughts you have.

Certain activities like standing for long hours may seem a bit too tiresome when you are 14 weeks pregnant. There is so much happening inside you and it’s the right time for you to connect with the life inside. Experts suggest that communicating with your little one during the pregnancy aids in creating a special parent-child bond. Of course there is certain music specialists recommend you to play to the baby but if that is not exactly possible for you, you should try and sing to your baby. Also, try to keep away from pets as well as cleaning their mess, especially your pet cats as this may cause complications for yourself as well as your baby. You will become more familiar with the sensation with the increase in intensity and frequency. Hydration is also crucial during this period not just because it helps with constipation but also because it will help your skin condition. It is a good idea to dose your effort and if your job requires standing make sure you ask for resting time when you feel too tired. You are more likely to become injured during the pregnancy because of increased hormone levels.

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