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I think I read somewhere it was noted that in early pregnancy Vitamin D Deficiency of the mother that the infant born of that pregnancy was more likely to develop carious teeth (get more cavities) than the infant of a non vitamin d deficient pregnancy.Could you help me find the research for this?
I am a little concerned because I found out I am pregnant and I have been taking vitamin D3 between aprox 2500- 4000 ul a day the last 2 months.
For the past year I have taken all kinds of supplements and have not been able to get it higher than 20. I had been taking prenatal vitamins with viactiv supplements (2) upon my physicians approval. My doctor prescribed me a dose of 50,000IU per week for 6 weeks.I am planning to conceive and taking my prenatal which has 400IU of Vitamin D3 in it. I got my injection three weeks ago, and I'll get my second injection on 18th of this month, so two more left.I am worried about taking the rest of them after reading your article.

I have been on a weekly regimen of 50,000 IU for 3 months just to find out a month later that my level was 16.
After that I switched to the OTC form taking 2,000 IU a day for 2 months and it only went up to 19. After finding out that it's possible to take too much vitamin D I stopped but now I'm worried about the harmful effects and how should I proceed with my diet from this point on. So, I would suggest that you take the same dose that your doctor recommends, but replace it with Vitamin D3 Supplements instead of taking that Prescription Vitamin D which, as you suggested, is NOT what you should be taking.You can also safely take your prenatal vitamins at the same time, the amount of vitamin d in your prenatals will NOT cause you to overdose when you take it with the high dose vitamin d your doctor recommends.
The doctor I went to see didnt help much, she just said that it is not recomended to take it during pregnancy and wheater the birth defects would appear or not we would have to wait and see, probably it would go fine, but she could say anything more, Neither she was interested in sending me to check the calsium. Just be sure to get your level drawn again in 3 months- and you MAY want to consider waiting to get pregnant just a couple of months until your levels are within the normal limits.

If you take a look at my page on Vitamin D during Pregnancy, you'll see that there are LOTS of reasons to be vitamin d sufficient during pregnancy. I am waiting for her to call in my prescription and just don't know why I'm having this deficiency??

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