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The man who has given birth three times: With their broad smiles, the Beaties look like any normal, happy family.
Despite giving birth to them, Thomas is known as Dad, while his wife Nancy is known as Mum.
While Thomas and Nancy are desperately trying to be an ordinary family, it is clear there are issues at play that shall never be resolved. Though the children attend the local daycare centre and have been accepted into the local community, the couple are not in contact with any members of their extended family. During her pregnancy, she received pre-natal treatment including recordings of the size of the baby and measuring the baby’s fetal heart beats. Layane had an ultra-sound done which showed the baby was going to be girl weighing around 7 lbs and measuring 42cm. The kitchen assistant and her husband Lourival Alves, 28, had already picked the name Sofia for their daughter as well as move to a bigger home. The day before the baby was supposed to be born, Layane went into Santa Casa Maua hospital for a regular check-up but suffered pain and bleeding while she was there. Santa Casa de Maua hospital said that the tests that were done proved that there was no baby. If the result show that the woman was not pregnant, then why did the hospital decline to show these results?
The family live in a sizeable house on a sprawling estate of near-identical homes, each with a manicured lawn, a tidy driveway and neat fence.

The childrena€™s grandparents, aunts and uncles have severed contact because they are so deeply unhappy at the circumstances in which the children were born.This was not what Thomas had bargained for when he went public about becoming the worlda€™s first pregnant man. At bedtime, she loves to climb onto her fathera€™s knee and demand a story about a hungry caterpillar, a greedy bee or a snail sailing away on the tail of a whale. Then I had to hire a lawyer to be allowed to call myself the father on Susana€™s birth certificate. But the book she loves most is Mister Seahorse, which explains how male seahorses become a€?pregnanta€™.
Ita€™s confusing to a sophisticated adult mind, let alone a childa€™s.Thomas is not the only man to have given birth. A quirky choice for a child, you might think, but entirely understandable given that this story has been used to explain to Susan the inexplicable: how she came to be. The business went under a€” partly because we had to close the doors to stop all the crazies coming in. The authorities wanted to put Nancy and me down as a€?parent and parenta€? on the birth certificate, as they do for same-sex couples, but I wasna€™t having it.a€?I am legally a man, and I am the father. And how.By the time he reached his 20s, he was convinced he was a man trapped in a womana€™s body. Last month, a British man who was born a woman a€” he is not prepared to go public with his identity a€” confirmed he had given birth to a baby girl. It all got so confused that at one point they put Nancy down as the father and me as the mother.

All three children have baby dolls, which, their father explains, they like to push around in shopping trolleys or ferry on board their tricycles. In the end, we had to formally adopt the children, even though they are biologically mine, from my eggs. Ita€™s unfair and, of course, it cost us thousands in legal fees.a€™One has to wonder if Thomasa€™s controversial choices in life might stem from his disturbed childhood.
I was picked on for being mixed race (my father is Korean), but that doesna€™t mean I should never have been born.a€?We have already explainedA  some things to Susan, and we will do the same with her brothers when theya€™re older. The slightly-built martial arts instructor made history as the first a€?mana€™ in the world to give birth.Of course, as Susan will doubtless discover one day, there was nothing natural about it.
However, his answer to the question of whether they will have more children is not as definitive as you might imagine.a€?Susan loves her brothers to bits, but she has started asking for a little sister,a€™ he says. It seems that, in this remarkable fantasy tale made real, there may yet be more chapters to come.
The world is full of crazy people and we have to have our wits about us.a€™And while Thomas and Nancy insist they are happy, despite all the criticism theya€™ve endured, the truth is they are living in an isolated bubble.
Both laugh as Thomas explains: a€?There are physical issues there obviously, but they arena€™t the things that get in the way.

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