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Today, most over-the-counter tests used to confirm pregnancy, measure around 5mcg of HCG, which is extremely scarce.
Your body starts producing HCG the minute you conceive, and will double the amount of HCG daily. One of the problems with them is that many women test so early nowadays, up to 7 days before a missed period, that there often isn’t enough HCG in your system for it to be completely accurate. The pinker (or bluer) the line on your test, the higher concentration of HCG you have in your system.
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It included two tests inside the box, just so you could be doubly sure that the answers are correct.
They work by measuring the amount of HCG, which is a pregnancy luteinizing hormone, in your urine. Additionally, your body may not have properly implanted yet – a critical step in pregnancy, giving you a false positive if implantation is unsuccessful. You may have minor amounts of HCG in your system, but the pregnancy is in your fallopian tubes rather than in your uterus. If you take a test and it is light or faint, chances are taking the same test the next day – the line will be darker. They may have you come in for two blood draws to ensure that the HCG is doubling properly, and will suspect a problem if it isn’t. You should use your first morning urine because it will have the strongest concentration of HCG, which means even if you are only days pregnant – it should register. Basically, your body starts producing HCG the minute you conceive, and will double the amount of HCG daily.

And had you not taken a test, your menstrual cycle would have started normally and you would have never been the wiser to the pregnancy.
That is one of the most exhilarating and frightening moments any woman will ever live through. So if today your levels were at 20, tomorrow they will be at 40, and the day after that they will be at 80. By the same token, you may take a test too early when your pregnancy hormones are just too low to detect through a urine test.

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