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Some women go through the first weeks of their pregnancy without a signal sign that they're pregnant. Then there are up to 70 percent of women who notice early clues that a baby or even babies are on the way. Fertility treatment: Assisted reproductive technologies and fertility-stimulating drugs both increase the likelihood of conceiving twins.
Ethnic background: African American women and American Indian women are more likely to have twins than caucasian women. Getting pregnant while breastfeeding Some studies have shown that your changes of conceiving more than one baby rises if you're tandem nursing.
Your grandparents might have been surprised by a twin birth, but you'll probably learn about the double bundle of joy during a routine first or second trimester ultrasound. Even before your ultrasound, these factors can alert you and your caregivers that more than one baby is on the way. Toward the end of the first trimester, your baby's heartbeat can be detected with a Doppler system. If the heartbeats appear to be coming from different locations and have different rates, your provider will probably schedule an ultrasound to confirm twins. During the early second trimester, your midwife or doctor will offer an alphafetoprotein screening.
If your midwife or doctor notes that your uterus measures large for your stage of pregnancy, twins might be the reason. Just as measuring larger can alert a provider that you're carrying twins, extra weight gain can be another clue. The most common permanently disabling birth defect that affects about one out of every 1,000 newborns in the United States.
Spina bifida occurs when the spine does not close properly during the first month of pregnancy. Many things can affect a pregnancy, including family genes and things women may come in contact with during pregnancy.
Because of paralysis resulting from the damage to the spinal cord, children born with spina bifida may need surgery and other extensive medical care. In addition, many children born with spina bifida also have an accumulation of fluid in the brain (HYDROCEPHALUS), which can be controlled by a surgical procedure called “shunting” to relieve the fluid by redirecting it into the abdominal area.
Other conditions associated with spina bifida include LATEX ALLERGY, tendonitis, OBESITY, skin breakdown, stomach problems, DEPRESSION, and social and sexual issues. Children with spina bifida need to learn how to walk with crutches, braces, or wheelchairs. Early intervention can help to prepare children with spina bifida and learning disabilities for school, with normal day-to-day activities. A woman thinking about getting pregnant, who already has a child with spina bifida, who has spina bifida herself, or who has had a history of pregnancy affected by a neural tube defect, needs a higher dose of folic acid. However, any woman taking this extra folic acid should not get this amount by taking more multivitamins, because too much of some of the other vitamins could harm either mother or child. Before the next pregnancy, a woman with any of the above risk factors should speak with her health care provider about her personal risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect.
Folic acid is a common water-soluble B vitamin that is essential for the functioning of the human body.
This should be a matter of great importance to parents, small children, because obvious symptoms, parents are often overlooked, but children grow up is more difficult to correct.
High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been growing in popularity in the past few years. Roseola rash is a common viral disease that affects kids, particularly those between 6 months to 2 years old. Studies show that roseola have higher risks in older infants because they have yet to develop antibodies against certain virus; whereas, while they are still in the mother’s womb, they are well protected by the mother’s immune system.
After exposure of the child to someone who has roseola rash, it would take for approximately one to weeks for the symptoms to appear. The kind of fever that hits the child is usually sudden and a high one, which is often 103°F or 39.4°C. After a few days the fever had set in, rashes typically appear, but may not happen to some other patients.
Although a roseola rash is not a serious condition, but the high fever that it may bring is something that one should be wary about.
The culprit of this disease is the human herpes virus 6 (HHV6), but studies show another causative agent, which is the human herpes virus 7 (HHV7). As part of proper management of the condition, an appointment with the physician is always sought especially if the rashes do not improve or disappear after a few more days and a high fever that lasts for more than a week.
Roseola rash is considered to be a mild viral disease; therefore treatment is not usually indicated.

Antiviral medications can also be given to children as there is no specific treatment for this disease.
Fluid Intake – Increasing the fluid intake (water, juices, lime soda, electrolyte solution) will facilitate release of impurities out from the body through frequent urination. Healthy diet – Always maintain a healthy diet to make sure that children will have a complete supply of nutrients their body needs for optimum protection from certain organisms that would bring harm to them. Sponge baths – Lukewarm sponge bath or cool washcloth can be used to lower the fever and discomfort.
Although it is very rare, if in any case treatment of roseola may not be successful, there can be serious complications that go with it. The serious thing about roseola is that it is contagious, even if the affected individual has not been clearly diagnosed yet. Therefore the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to observe proper hand washing. You can expect to have the same symptoms as with a singleton pregnancy, however, the signs and symptoms of twins happen earlier and can be more intense.
She whipped her eyes to the screen and there they were -- two tiny bodies and two tiny heartbeats. Since other factors can cause elevated levels, you won't know for sure if you're having twins, yet. Since there are several factors that influence how soon you'll feel your baby move, feeling early flutters doesn't necessarily guarantee multiples. If your first trimester feels like one long hangover, you might be more than one baby waiting for the placenta to get its act together.
Spina bifida, the most common NEURAL TUBE DEFECT, is one of the most devastating of all birth defects. In severe cases, the spinal cord protrudes through the child’s back and may be covered by skin or a thin membrane. However, recent studies have shown that folic acid is one factor that may reduce the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect such as spina bifida.
Most children born with spina bifida live well into adulthood as a result of today’s sophisticated medical techniques.
They may have difficulty with paying attention, expressing or understanding language, organizing, sequencing, and grasping reading and math. With new techniques, children also can become independent in managing their bowel and bladder problems.
It often helps to have a psychological evaluation, which tests the child’s intelligence, academic levels, and basic learning abilities (visual perception, receptive and expressive language skills). Taking folic acid before and during early pregnancy reduces the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects.
These women should take 4,000 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid by prescription for one to three months before becoming pregnant. During periods of rapid growth (such as pregnancy and fetal development) the body’s requirement for this vitamin increases. However, this direct protection from their mother fades away with time, and this makes them vulnerable to viral diseases such as roseola. If the child would experience a fever of 103°F and higher and may last for more than seven days already, it is recommended to have the child seen by a doctor. Once a person is infected with such virus, the virus will be transmitted to another individual by direct contact with the infected person through respiratory secretions and saliva. With doctor’s prescription, fever can be managed by over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
Therefore it is recommended for children to get enough rest, especially when accompanied by fever, to completely recover. Avoid using ice, cold water, or cold baths as they may cause rapid decrease in temperature and may lead to chills. Since some patients may not manifest the rashes that are typical of roseola and show only fever, there is a big possibility that they can already infect others who may come in contact with them. Since children are fond of touching a lot of objects that come in contact with their hands, it is always the responsibility of the caregiver or the mother to wash the child’s hands regularly or disinfect toys and materials that they use. The typical high fever will run for three to seven days followed by the appearance of the pinkish red rashes. Midwife Cynthia Flynn says that she has noticed when moms report extreme queasiness in early pregnancy, they discover there's more than one baby on the way. If you are experiencing early movement, it can be one more sign that your baby's holding hands with a sibling.
Surgery to close a newborn’s back is generally performed within 24 hours after birth to minimize the risk of infection and to preserve existing function in the spinal cord. To promote personal growth, parents should encourage children (within the limits of safety and health) to be independent, to participate in activities with their nondisabled peers, and to assume responsibility for their own care.

All women should take a daily vitamin including 400 micrograms (mcg)—the same as 0.4 milligrams (mg)—of folic acid every day. Taking this amount of folic acid by prescription may reduce the chance of a neural tube defect like spina bifida in future pregnancies. Folic acid can be found in multivitamins, fortified breakfast cereals, dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, egg yolks, and some fruits and fruit juices.
Roseola rash is not considered to be a serious disease, but various children react differently. By the time you get to notice a child’s high fever, the seizure may have already passed; therefore if you suspect a seizure, have the child checked by physician the right away. For example, children sharing the same cup by someone who is infected will surely facilitate transfer of the virus. The virus can be spread through the tiny drops of fluid expelled by the infected person by sneezing, laughing, talking, or coughing. As much as possible, extra effort should be done to prevent, if not stop, the spread of the virus. If two babies contribute this protein, the test often reports a high reading, but both babies are okay, more than likely. Some develop a mild case of roseola, while others experience the whole symptoms typical of roseola. Note that antibiotics are found to be ineffective in the treatment of viral diseases such as roseola. Children who inhale the drops or touch them and touch their noses and mouth would most likely bring the virus closer to their body and even facilitate the entrance of the virus inside the system. If the child is sick due to roseola, it is better to isolate the child so to avoid infecting other children. The distribution may vary from patient to patient because in others, the rashes may reach the legs and the face while in some other patients, these areas are being spared. Also note that children with roseola may have a low immunity; isolating them from others may also be helpful to facilitate faster healing and limiting their exposure to other opportunistic organisms that may add to the infection.
The first couple of weeks are usually accompanied with nausea and stress, and it’s only logical to soothe your condition with an organic product instead of a pharmaceutical drug. There is a strong possibility that the psychoactive chemicals present in high potent weed available today can have a negative effective on the development of the embryos brain.
Keyword being may, but still, if there is even the slightest chance of the baby being affected buy it – nobody at their right mind should be smoking it during pregnancy.Marijuana Became Too PotentBack when cannabis was acceptable to smoke by pregnant women (somewhere around the time Dr. You didn’t have Super Lemon Haze available on the shelves with its 23% of THC, there was no newbie vs. However, with bioengineering came hardcore strains and that’s what researchers claim might present a problem to pregnant women around the world.Synthetic CannabisFurthermore, as a byproduct of cannabis enhancement, synthetic cannabis called Spice was born.
This is a product that doesn’t contain any THC but merely mimics the effects of marijuana by inducing light-headedness and somewhat replicates the high that you get from smoking low potent marijuana. It contains no medical benefits and it can have negative effects if consumed in higher doses (those effects being nausea and vomiting). Still, as with high potent marijuana, Spice can have the same negative effects on the embryo’s brain in those early stages of development when the mother may not even be aware of her pregnancy. Do not take Spice during pregnancy!Studies Became OutdatedThe thing is, most studies that suggested cannabis is safe to consume during pregnancy came out between 1960’s and 1997.
From 1997 onwards, highly potent cannabis strains emerged and the number of studies that dealt with the effects cannabis can have on pregnant women and embryos rapidly decreased.
Some of it sounds a bit far fetched (such as depression and stress, which can both be symptoms that don’t necessarily need to be directly associated with cannabis use) but others present a serious health risk.Do you think women should smoke, vaporize or consume marijuana during pregnancy?
Read more >Growing marijuana for medical marijuana patientI have a friend who is eligible for Medical Marijuana.
He knows someone who wants to grow Marijuana and distribute it to him and other patients, I guess they are called "caregivers?" For the record they have gone to a clas to learn how to do this process. Read more >Obtaining pot from another stateIf you live in a state (fla) that doesn't support medical weed, and if you have a card from another state, is it possible to obtain the cannabis from a state that does cater to us? Read more >Marijuana Brownie RecipeI want to make some marijuana brownies, does anyone have a special recipe they can share with me? Maggie Hassan signed a bill allowing seriously ill New Hampshire residents to use marijuana for medical purposes.

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