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Shoulder Pain or Abdominal Pain This pain is specific to under the ribs on the right side as well as it could feel like someone is deeply pinching you along the bra strap or in your lower neck. Most causes of stomach pain are harmless; however, if the pain is persistent or severe, it is wise to contact a health care professional. Both the gallbladder and the appendix are located on the right side, so pain could indicate a problem with either organ.
Right-side stomach pain can have many different causes, ranging from something as minor as constipation or trapped intestinal gas to more severe causes such as appendicitis and ectopic pregnancy.
The right side of the abdominal cavity is home to many organs and bodily structures, and each one is a possible root of the pain. In many cases, right-side stomach pain is caused by relatively harmless conditions or factors. After identifying the lump in my kidney area, I stopped working out, stopped eating so much, reduced protein intake, and haven't been eating every three hours any more.
My friend has polycystic ovary syndrome, and she sometimes gets intense pains in her right side. Any pain that occurs to the right of the imaginary line down the center of the midsection, through the belly button and down to the top of the genitalia is considered right-side stomach pain.

In more severe cases, the pain might be caused by an ovarian cyst, ruptured ovary or ectopic pregnancy — a pregnancy that occurs inside the fallopian tube. The pain is usually felt in the lower right abdomen, below the level of the belly button, and it usually persists over several days, increasing in intensity. Lung conditions can cause the pain to radiate downward from the site of the infection or disease, reaching the abdomen. If I brush my teeth and don't eat, then it gets worse, so my only thought is teeth acid that leaked into stomach and caused this pain. I thought maybe his sudden change might have something to do with my stabbing abdominal pain. If you hap all of these pain symptoms combined, then it could be a sign that there is a problem with your liver and you should seek the professional opinion of a doctor.
Although many causes of this pain are usually not life-threatening, anyone who has severe or ongoing pain should be evaluated by a medical professional. When ovulation is the culprit, the pain is usually felt as a sharp twinge that fades within a day or so. A tumor in another part of the body can cause pain to travel down to the stomach region as well.

I went to a&e, took a blood test and it was all clear, but they gave me pain killers specific for kidney stones. Structures include the blood vessels, the ureters that drain from the kidneys and the skin covering the entire region on the outside.
Even a bruise or cut on the surface of the skin can cause pain in the underlying tissue that can be mistaken for deeper stomach pain. Women who are experiencing extreme pain or a stabbing sensation should seek medical attention. It actually all started out with a pain in the right side of the mid back, just to the right of my spine. People who suspect appendicitis should seek emergency medical attention, because a ruptured appendix can be fatal.
Then after a while, I had a pain in the region where my kidneys are, and I could feel a lump in my back where my kidney is.

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