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As you go through your tenth week of pregnancy, it’s important to know that your baby is completely out of the embryonic stage and fully into the fetal stage.
Although you’re not quite showing yet in your tenth week of pregnancy, you probably feel like you are. If you’ve had your first check-up and your partner didn’t go, the next time around you may want to include him.
The risks of any congenital defects drop dramatically once you reach the 10th week of your pregnancy as the most vital stage of fetal development is over [1].
Development of the eyes continues with the main optical structure already being in place [2]. The forehead starts bulging up at this stage, sitting high on the head while the hair follicles begin to grow as well. The thin hands and legs continue to grow longer while the fingers and toes start to grow nails and unique finger prints [4].
The outline of the spine becomes clearly visible at this stage with the spinal nerves stretching out from it [3]. The vital organs of your baby, including the brain, liver and kidneys begin to function on their own while continuing their growth at the same time [1]. This is also the week when the diaphragm begins to develop, gradually separating the chest and abdomen.
Your growing uterus and increasing blood volume continue to lead to certain pregnancy pains and other symptoms.
Although you might notice your belly expanding quite a bit in the past few weeks, it is still too early for others to start noticing your baby bump [8]. An ultrasound scan performed this week shows the head to comprise about half the length of your baby [10] with some fuzzy hair growth [11]. The translucent or see-through skin allows you to see the functioning of the inner organs on a 4D ultrasound [10]. Your doctor may ask you to take certain genetic tests at this stage to detect any hereditary or congenital disorders like Down syndrome [13]. In many women, the symptoms of morning sickness, dizziness and headache begin to subside in the tenth week [1]. Just wanted to say hang in there , most nausea and symptoms you are describing end by the first trimester .

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and one of my besties dropped off a few cute pieces the other day for me.
What I wish people knew: {TMI ALERT} I worry about losing this baby every time I go to the bathroom.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The best news about the tenth week is that there is less risk for congenital abnormalities. Now that he or she has reached the fetal stage, however, “growing rapidly” doesn’t come close to describing what is going on. This will enable your partner to ask any questions he may have, get to know your healthcare provider, hear the heartbeat, and see the baby via ultrasound. Although it does not mean that you and the baby are safe from any complications in the coming months, following the guidelines of your ob-gyn can help you have a healthy pregnancy from this stage. The external ears have completed their growth while the internal ear is almost done growing as well.
The intestines are already hollow tubes with muscles that help them move and tighten [4], helping your baby to practice swallowing. The sex organs also grow rapidly and you will soon be able to know whether to paint the nursery blue or pink [6].
The high pregnancy hormone (HCG and progesterone) levels make your complexion smoother and shinier, giving you the well-known “pregnancy glow” by increasing the number of facial oil glands [7]. However, there is nothing to worry about if you do not start showing at all at this stage, especially if this is your first pregnancy [9].
This is usually the week when the parents hear their child’s heartbeat for the first time, which is often described as being similar to the sound of galloping horses [12]. All these tests are non-invasive, meaning only a few blood samples are collected from you to examine your baby’s DNA.
Usually, a prenatal check up is not scheduled before you reach the 12th week, but in your case it would be better to consult a doctor to make sure everything is fine. I’m still sick and tired but hoping so hard second tri brings some energy and relief.
You and your baby are not fully in the clear when it comes to avoiding abnormalities or deformities, but the most critical weeks of development are over.

The bloated feeling hasn’t gone away yet, but as you reach the end of your first trimester, other pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness are subsiding.
All of this will help your partner feel closer and more involved in the pregnancy, which is very important as bonds can sometimes be made at conception. Both the eyes and ears start developing at the sides of the head, later moving to the right place. The food aversions still kick in, but I have frozen meals from doubling-up recipes, so that helps in a pinch. This pregnancy is SO similar to Bella’s with sickness timing – but really, who knows? With continued care and medical attention, you are well on your way to having a healthy baby. Hopefully during the tenth week you are feeling much more positive about your pregnancy, since your first check-up has come and gone and you have been able to hear your baby’s heartbeat.
You may also want to begin shopping for maternity clothes, including your partner in this process, too. This moment can be very exciting for future parents, and that can offset the negative emotions brought on by the heightened levels of estrogen and progesterone within your body. That’s quite a difference, and week-to-week from here on out, your baby will continue to grow at this rate. It’s really nice to have a calmer pregnancy, at this time with the twins, I knew it was two babies and I had been placed in a high-risk category. As internal organs continue to grow, your baby’s vital organs—such as the kidneys, liver, intestines, and brain—start functioning on their own.
This is very important, as your hormones will continue to rule your emotional states for some time. Next is pregnancy at 11 weeks.
Details such as toenails will begin to appear, and if you look closely enough, you may be able to see peach fuzz on your baby’s skin.

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